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Nerd Wars, Tournament 6, Round 1

A little background on Nerd Wars - it's a big knitting/crocheting/spinning/weaving competition on Ravelry where people are grouped according to different nerddoms, and each team competes by meeting challenges outlined for each round. Each round is one month long, and each tournament consists of three rounds. There are always six challenges every round (Intellectual, Scientific, Giving Geeks, Geek Pride, Nerd Culture, and Technical). You get points for meeting a challenge and can earn additional points for tying in your project to your nerddom (Team Spirit points)

In the past, I've participated in one or two rounds and then totally dropped off. Right now, it's my goal to participate with at least one project in each round, but definitely to attempt to do all six challenges at some point. I'm on Team Paranormal Investigations, which encompasses all shows/movies that have people investigating paranormal phenomena. I'm a big fan of X-Files, Twin Peaks, and Fringe.

I managed to do 5 out of the 6 challenges this time! That's the most I've ever done in one round. I've only ever done one (Technical, usually). I worked really hard on this this time.

Round 2 starts November 1st.

Geek Pride
Your challenge this month is to be inspired by Halloween, or by something spooky, and craft something that can be tied back to a specific moment in your Geekdom.

Giving Geeks
Your mission this month is to make a donation (of time, money, or items) to organizations that are focused on helping children aged 2-18.

Nerd Culture
Your challenge this month is to craft a costume or part of a costume or find inspiration from and craft something based on a costume.

Your challenge this month is to craft something that is inspired by a mathematical symbol!

For this challenge, make use of this wonderful array of choice and use a minimum of two distinct yarns or fibres in your project to exploit their special properties, and provide a note of what you have used.