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Sugarpill @#$%! - limited edition eyeshadow

At last!

When I first heard that this eyeshadow was only going to be available at IMATS Los Angeles earlier this year, I was heartbroken because there was no way I would be able to go. Luckily, Amy always comes through for her fans! She recently made @#$%! available for three days only, and I jumped at the chance to get it. It just came TODAY and I thought I'd swatch it for you.

My apologies - my photos are particularly unclear this time because I'd just finished a kettlebell workout before taking these photos. (Not my best decision.) But I was just so excited!

Sugarpill's packaging is always adorable and high quality:

@#$%! is a beautiful sparkle-ful red:

Love+ on the left, @#$%! on the right
My pictures are a little more orangey than real life - Love+ is a vibrant true red, while @#$%! is more of a pinky-red, and it is full of silver sparkle (but is not crazy with fall-out).