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Holidays on Paleo

So I've just finished my first Thanksgiving on Paleo, and well... it wasn't really ON Paleo. But I didn't go completely off the rails either. I pretty much stuck to eating turkey and sweet potatoes (though, they were probably not prepared with Paleo ingredients), and while I did indulge in some pie and ice cream, I did not eat any stuffing or bread. Which I am fully capable of eating in HEAPS, so I forced myself to stay away. (We will not speak of an ill-advised break a couple weeks ago when I ate about 8 Roti Buns in a period of 24 hours. I spent the next 24 hours COMPLETELY miserable.)

So now I'm back. I gave myself yesterday and the day before to stretch out my goodbye to dairy, and today I'm back to the straight and narrow. Well, kind of. At the moment, I'm out of some Paleo staples (clarified butter, coconut flour, coconut aminos), but I'm substituting the best I can (organic grass-fed butter, tamari) until I get a chance to hit up Whole Foods again.

The truth is, I like being on strict-ish Paleo. (Exceptions are made for dark chocolate and using agave nectar in my cooking.) I need to set boundaries for myself, or I start to teeter off the edge a little bit. I need to be reined in. Plus, it kinda makes me feel special :)

I know what you're thinking - restarting a Whole30 after Thanksgiving? Yes, I might be nuts. But you know what I also am, right this minute? Tired, sluggish, not alert, and rather ill at ease. I have no interest in waiting until the new year to get back on the wagon because that's still over a month away, and I could do a lot of damage in that amount of time. Literally, damage - I'm fully convinced that I suffer from gluten intolerance, and since getting my gallbladder removed, my body doesn't really love it when I eat dairy either.

So, yeah. That's that. I don't know if I'll be SUPER strict. There are some tiny things I have to allow myself or else I'll go nuts. And I have to work within my budget. But other than that? It's on!