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I finally finished both socks! (You can see the photos of the first one here - obviously, I'm not going to bother taking special photos of the second sock alone.)

I decided that I wanted to give these socks as a birthday gift to one of my good friends from work, Kaila. She has been my friend and mentor since I started teaching, and she is one of the most hard-working and inspirational teachers I know. (In fact, I have future-dated this blog post in case she reads my blog, so even though I'm typing it on 11/18/12, it won't be published for another week.) I decided to make the gift look a little extra special by printing out a "label" to package the socks, and I made a card to go along with them:

Here's a close-up of the label, below. I purchased a pdf collection of knitting-themed printables from, and it includes a bunch of cool things like care tags, note cards, book marks, bookplates, etc.

For the notecard, I pulled out a quote from the Yarn Harlot's The Secret Life of a Knitter. I thought it summed up really well why I wanted to give my friend these socks. (I know that my decision to make them was just to fulfill a goal, but the fact that I chose to give these to someone I care about instead of just keeping them for myself or letting them sit in a drawer means something.)

I pasted the quote on the front of a single-panel notecard and wrote a personal message on the back. I hope she likes her gift :)