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ChiaoGoo Interchangeables - Red Lace complete set

Usually when I post products on my blog, they're makeup and beauty products, but not today! (Tomorrow, probably =P) Today, I received my Christmas present early. (Because of course I picked it out myself. Who would think to buy this for me?) It's a fancy schmancy interchangeable needle set from ChiaoGoo:

ChiaoGoo makes some pretty awesome needles - I have a couple of their Red Lace fixed circulars, and they are quite lovely to knit with. Yes, I have LOTS of circulars, and I even have an interchangeable set (Boye Needlemasters, which I got from Michaels with a 40% off coupon, which made it super cheap), so why ask for this one? Well, when you knit as much as I do, you can tell the difference.

So, I like ChiaoGoo, and I like the fact that they sell a COMPLETE needle set with sizes 2-15. Other than the Boye set, this is the only other set to carry that range of sizes. They come with accessories and stuff all packed into a sleek little pouch that will fit perfectly into my new knitting bag (that I got for my birthday a week ago =P)

Zippered pocket on the front

Opened up

Inside the front pocket: stitch markers, end caps, turn keys,
cable connectors, and a needle gauge

Small needles

Large needles. Note how there is an extra row of pockets on both sides

The needle sizes are etched onto the tips! THIS IS AWESOME.
I can't wait to knit with them, and yet, I love how they look all perfect and pretty in their slots that I'm afraid to take one out. I am definitely never going to use those adorable stitch markers because I have a bad tendency to lose those little things, and therefore, I only ever use stitch markers that are totally cheap and ordinary and easy to find.

These are obviously not my first needles, and probably won't be my last. (I desperately want some Addi Turbo Clicks! Those are my holy grail needles.) But... like a good car, these will stand me in good stead for years to come.