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Urban Decay Naked Skin Beauty Balm (BB cream)

Sooo. This past weekend I ordered the new Naked Basics palette from Urban Decay. I know it's generating a ton of buzz all over the blogosphere right now, but what I really want to talk about today is  the "Exclusive Early Release" sample I received with my order...

Urban Decay is releasing its own beauty balm, and included deluxe-size samples with its orders. I'm super excited about this (even though I totally also bought the tinted moisturizer). I will be glad to be able to try this before it comes out.

It does indeed come out of the tube looking kinda orangey, but it ends up being translucent. Which means it doesn't really give you any coverage. (I don't know a whole lot about BBs, but the one I do have - the Garnier one, which I know is not nearly one of the best - covers like a tinted moisturizer.) But it's supposed to be awesome for your skin.

Can't wait to try it! I wish they would tell us when the release date is!