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Happy bicentennial, Pride and Prejudice!

Source I first read Jane Austen's   Pride and Prejudice  in my senior AP English class in high school, and I've been obsessed with it ever since. I read it again later in my 18th-century Brit Lit class in college and in my grad-level Austen seminar at UC Irvine, and eventually wrote my Master's Thesis on it. If I were to go on for my  PhD, I would without question join the scores of Austen scholars everywhere.  And, OH, the adaptations! I've seen all but maybe two (the BBC version from the 80's and   Bride and Prejudice ). I even kind of enjoyed   Lost in Austen , non-canon though it is. (I even watched   Bridget Jones' Diary , which I felt was an extreme insult to my intelligence.) I've seen the 1995 one about a million times - it's my favorite. I'm currently obsessed with   The Lizzie Bennet Diaries.   I've even suffered through a couple of "sequels," although admittedly, they were kind of dumb. But I understand the compulsi

Faith, trust, and pixie dust

Half marathon #2 of 2013 is in the books. And it was AWESOME. At last year's Tinkerbell, I finished under 3:30 for the first time EVER. In July, I PRed again with a time of 3:06 at the Jungle Run. This weekend? 2:47 . YEAH BUDDY. The course was nice and easy. They actually changed it this year, and I thought it was better. Most of the first 6 miles were on the Disneyland premises (through the parks, Downtown Disney, etc), which meant that the most grueling part of the course (for me, anyway - around the streets of Anaheim with little cover in the later-morning heat) was much more bearable and was over more quickly. It wasn't without its share of frustrations though. I would like to issue this request to all runners everywhere, of all levels and abilities: I IMPLORE YOU, please be mindful of race etiquette. Obviously, I support walkers, and generally I'm fine with "non-serious" stuff like tutus and stopping to take pictures, but PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF A

Random. Blah.

Hi! Haven't blogged in a while. Been busy obsessing over the Lizzie Bennet Diaries getting the new year (and new semester of school) started. Lots of things are going on. The biggest one is that I've "retired" from derby. I say "retired" because you can't REALLY retire if you haven't had much of a career. (I only skated for three years total, and only a year and a half of that was with PRG.) I guess the only accurate word to use is "quitting," but that just sounds so negative. There were a lot of different things that contributed to the decision, but the most basic reason I can give is that I lost my fire for it. I'm ready at this point to hang up my skates and move on to other things. Be assured that I will forever love Peninsula Roller Girls and will continue to root for them. What kind of other things? Well, my life is very running-busy right now. I'm actually heading down to Disneyland tomorrow to run the Tinkerbell Half

Urban Decay Naked nail set - swatches!

I'm not usually someone who gets excited about nail polish (especially UD nail polish, which I'm not particularly impressed with after buying the Apocalyptic nail set), but since I'm a big fan of the Naked collection and I adore the idea of nail polish neutrals, I wanted to give this one a try. It is available exclusively through Sephora at the moment, though I'm sure it will find its way to UD's website at some point. I haven't tested this for wear, but if it's like the Apocalyptic set, then I don't have high hopes in that department. It's okay - someone who knits, Crossfits, and chases a three-year-old around doesn't usually expect much from nail polish anyway. But I was pleased to find that these polishes were generally better pigmented than the other set, and they applied pretty well. - Naked  was surprising. It's a nude that leans slightly peachy (at least, in my room lighting =P) and has a cream finish. Looking at it in the b

"We're beaten and blown by the wind, trampled in dust"

No time like the present! I decided to kick off my 13 13s in '13 quest right off the bat with the New Year's Day Half Marathon. This one was a tough one - not as hard as Summit Rock, but pretty comparable to (maybe harder than?) Morgan Hill. The difficult parts (hills) were brutal and long, while the easy parts were WHEEEEEE LOOK AT ME GO. I wonder if Brazen has other races at this location (Lake Chabot) at another point during the year, because I would be interested in trying this course again in warmer weather. It was FREEZING at the start. (Of course it was - it's January, after all.) The wind was like a knife in my face. At some point during the race, I realized that the waistband of my pants had slipped down a little, and that there was a small part of my stomach showing, but I'd had NO idea, because it was so cold that I couldn't feel anything. (Like, I'd lost feeling in that small patch of stomach from the cold.) The other "seasonal" obs