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Random. Blah.


Haven't blogged in a while. Been busy obsessing over the Lizzie Bennet Diaries getting the new year (and new semester of school) started. Lots of things are going on.

The biggest one is that I've "retired" from derby. I say "retired" because you can't REALLY retire if you haven't had much of a career. (I only skated for three years total, and only a year and a half of that was with PRG.) I guess the only accurate word to use is "quitting," but that just sounds so negative. There were a lot of different things that contributed to the decision, but the most basic reason I can give is that I lost my fire for it. I'm ready at this point to hang up my skates and move on to other things. Be assured that I will forever love Peninsula Roller Girls and will continue to root for them.

What kind of other things? Well, my life is very running-busy right now. I'm actually heading down to Disneyland tomorrow to run the Tinkerbell Half Marathon again, and have a whole bunch of races lined up. (I'm registered through MAY.) I am also setting my sights on marathon #2, the California International Marathon in Sacramento.

I've also gotten a lot more involved with CrossFit Milpitas. (And by that I mean, I'm trying to show up more.) I've always known the benefits of CrossFit and was just never able to make it work - it always played second/third fiddle to my other two sports. It continues to challenge me in new and excruciating ways,  but it helps keep me fit and healthy.

One of the things I jumped on is CFM's Paleo challenge. I was off-Paleo pretty much since after my marathon (sometimes mostly Paleo, sometimes totally NOT Paleo), and I wanted to get back to it for the new year. I could easily do Paleo by myself, but what I wanted to was to something to be involved with CFM and just be a joiner, you know? So, so far it's going well. The diet part is actually really easy for me, since I've got lots of experience with Paleo from this past year. The hard part has been and will always continue to be getting enough sleep, because I never do - I either can't go to bed early (staying up to work) or I get caught up in whatever I'm doing for fun, and I don't want to go to sleep yet. Sigh. I will figure this out someday.

Otherwise, it's business as usual.