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Lizzie Bennet Diaries - 30 days in 1

Short and sweet

  1. A Facebook friend posted the link to the website, saying, "You had me at Bing Lee." And of course, my P&P radar was like, "ALERT ALERT ALERT" and it was all downhill from there.
  2. Charlotte. She's smart, she's sensible, and she's Asian :)
  3. The obvious choice would be Darcy, but he's my favorite more because of how Daniel Gordh portrays him. 
  4. Bing. Because, come on, are you REALLY a med student? Really?
  5. It's a small thing, but I chuckle every time - at the end of Lizzie's second Q&A video, she's talking about the new merchandise and how there are portraits of each of the four girls, and Charlotte chimes in, "My eyes are GINORMOUS." This totally makes me laugh every time because... well, I'm Asian. 
  6. Lydia and Lizzie in episode 6, and Lydia and Collins in episode 37.
  7. Two weeks ago, I would've said episode 48. But now, I might have to say episode 85...
  8. Ashley Clements, hands-down. She not only shoulders the responsibility of the entire show as Lizzie (making her compelling but also believably flawed, but she has also portrayed almost every other character in the story in costume theater. This takes tremendous chops. 
  9. Daniel Gordh, absolutely. (And not just because I have a huge crush on him.) He had to create a real character out of everyone else's parody portrayals and make him a sympathetic, likeable character. He is also amazing at really subtle facial expressions and glances. Also, he DECIDED to wear glasses for the San Francisco trip. It's a tremendous amount of pressure to portray one of the most loved romantic heroes of all of literature, and I think he handles it spectacularly.
  10. Pretty involved - I follow all the characters and actors on Twitter, I read fanfic, I discuss stuff on Facebook (primarily with the Socially Awkward Darcy page), and I even read the posts on Tumblr, though people have been so whiny lately that it's annoying. IT'S A SHOW. GET OVER YOURSELVES.
  11. Pirates, because they seem to have some sort of sense of humor when they want to.
  12. Team FiGi! Fitz and Gigi. I love them individually, and I love them together, because they are trying SO HARD to get Darcy and Lizzie together. They feel like my kind of people.
  13. From one of the above costume theater moments: "How about Jane's sister Lizzie? I know she's not THAT great lookin', but you could do worse. I'm sure she could use a good sexcapade. I bet she hasn't gotten laid in YEARS, and THOSE ARE THE FREAKY ONES." Oh Lydia, I love you.
  14. Gigi - so, it's a good thing that's happening now. :)
  15. I was not expecting the portrayal of Wickham to head down the abusive route. Wickham in the books is a selfish cad, but Wickham here was pretty sinister at some moments, and I found myself being genuinely afraid for Lydia. One episode in particular nearly made me cry.
  16. I kinda WOULD like to see either Catherine de Bourgh or Mrs. Bennet, but only just to see what they're "really" like :)
  17. P&P is my favorite book in the whole world. I wrote my Master's thesis on it. I've seen all the adaptations except Bride and Prejudice and the 1980's series. 
  18. Darcy + Lizzie, of course. COME ON. Though, there is a part of me that would like to see something develop between Charlotte and Collins. (Come on! Homegirl needs some love!)
  19. I think I'm actually most like Darcy. I'm kind of awkward and I'm always on my computer (or phone), even when I shouldn't be. I have trouble in social situations with large groups. I'm kind of a snob sometimes. I also have trouble expressing myself and do much better in writing.
  20. Lydia = awesome. Even in the early episodes, I thought she was funny, and now that we've seen her grow, I want to stroke her hair and tell her it'll be okay. 
  21. I keep watching because I want to know how it ends. Even though this is a story that I'm mightily familiar with, this series still keeps me guessing EVERY DAY. It's funny and sweet and human and utterly compelling. Much like Lizzie herself. 
  22. I think my favorite episode might be #78, The Lizzie Trap. It's the first time Lizzie and Darcy have seen each other since the letter, and it's only because Gigi shoves them both in a room in front of a camera and shuts the door. I like this one because it's the beginning of my FAVORITE part of P&P (the Pemberley arc), and it's so awkward and cute and just full of possibility. There is so much promise for some gooshy feelings in this episode. (Also, Daniel Gordh is ridiculously handsome in this episode particularly.)
  23. Episode #16, The D-Word, because LYDIA'S LAUGH. 
  24. Jane as Darcy, hands down. I also kind of love Lizzie as Catherine de Bourgh.
  25. I would change the fact that there aren't videos EVERY DAY. My life feels so empty on Wednesdays. And weekends.
  26. Cutest moment has to go to the cutest couple, Jane and Bing in episode 28. Seriously! But Darcy and Lizzie are pretty cute in episode 83, joking around with each other too.
  27. That I would wear? Lizzie's dress and boots from episode 80
  28. This one is hard! Obviously I love the Bennet sisters (well, before things got all dramatic), but I do also love Gigi and Darcy, because Daniel Gordh and Allison Paige ABSOLUTELY look like they're related.
  29. I want to say the newsie cap (because I actually own one!), but I am also partial to the torn up puppy toy that serves as Annie-kins :)
  30. Anne of Green Gables - but older. I think she would need to be at LEAST 16 to start with, if not older. (I'm really just saying this because I want Gilbert Blythe romantic feelings.)