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Bumps and dips

I've been officially back on Paleo a week, but I think the more noteworthy point is that I wasn't perfect. And it DIDN'T derail me.

I was really good last week from Tuesday through Friday, and then on Saturday and Sunday I had the one-two punch of lunch at a favorite restaurant with one of my favorite friends, followed by a trip to Satura Cakes:

The awesomest mom-friendly restaurant ever

At least I ordered gluten-free desserts for myself (the mango pudding and the honey praline chocolate cake).

And then on Sunday we went to Marin for the day, and when I got home, I was like, MEH and ate Texas Cheese fries and Jolie's leftover cake.

And gained back, like, five pounds. Yeah.

So far, this isn't unusual. I fall off the wagon often. What IS different is that I got right back on the wagon on Monday.

Usually, it'd take me another... oh... couple of months before I get my s*** together again, but I am ON A MISSION right now, and that mission is to get myself in the best shape I can, for a prolonged period of time. Well, hopefully forever. And to make sure my slip-ups are JUST slip-ups and not habits.

It's not bad to treat yourself or indulge every once in a while. But my problem was that I was letting it become the norm rather than the exception. In fact, my whole life has been cake and cheese fries on a regular basis (well, not literally, but food like that), when they should just be eaten every once in a while. I'm trying not to let things derail me. One mistake, even one WEEKEND of mistakes, doesn't mean that I have to give up entirely. Try and try again, as they say.

So yeah. Back on Paleo, and happy :)