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I feel like I must say this all the time on my blog, but I am going back on Paleo, after weeks of eating junk. But this time, I'm doing a full Whole30 reset - going back to super strict guidelines. I know it will kind of suck, because my Paleo normally includes dark chocolate and agave, but what I really need is to do a full clean-up of my diet. When I did Whole30 the first time, I kept it up for 8 weeks before I had a gallstone attack and was then too sick/tired to deal with it.

So right now, I'm gearing up for my reset - I am combing through all the recipes I've amassed, I plan to make actual meal plans, etc, etc. One of the big reasons why I fall off the wagon is that I will be really tired when I get home at the end of the day, and maybe my fridge will happen to be on the empty side, and instead of making a trip to the store and cooking a full meal, it is just so much easier to go pick up some pho or something. I need to plan ahead, keeping in mind that I have a busy life and that I AM incredibly lazy.

So, wish me luck! I will start Whole30 #2 this coming Monday, after spring break is over.