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Week 1, done.

So, I've just completed one full week of my second Whole30. Here's what I can report:

- I'm down 9 pounds
- I'm waking up less during the night
- I have more energy, especially at the end of the day - no more afternoon DEAD feeling
- Didn't really have any stomach aches this week
- Muscles are recovering more quickly from difficult workouts (and believe me, I had some really hard ones last week)
- My complexion is improving - not that I had a lot of skin issues to begin with, but my skin looks and feels better, probably because...
- ... I'm drinking more water. Since soda is no longer an option, and I'm not drinking juice either, AND I recently got a new Contigo water bottle (that keeps my water cold all day), I am much better hydrated than before when I was chugging down Coke like no one's business.
- I never feel like I'm not eating enough.

You could argue that these are anecdotal, sure. Maybe a person who eats healthy on the Standard American Diet would have similar results. Who knows? All I know is, I would not be that successful on the SAD because I am incapable of being able to eat healthy that way. I know it's only been a week, but I feel MILES better than I did the week before, like a whole new person.

I will also add that this past week, I WODed twice and ran three times. The exercise helps the weight loss too, of course, but the diet helps the exercise, so...