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Just, you know. Whatevs :)

Today I was inspired by the teal shirt I'm wearing today and this column of shadows from UD's 15th Anniversary palette:

So I decided to incorporate them

- UD shadow pencil in Morphine all over the lid as a base
- Omen all over the lid
- Junkshow in the crease
- Tainted on the browbone and to blend the crease
- UD eye pencil in LSD along the upper lash line (I know, I didn't use Evidence, but found a navy-ish eyeliner to use instead)
- UD eye pencil in Deep End along the lower lash line (Again, didn't use the shadow, but used the eye pencil - same shade name and everything!)
- Maybelline The Rocket mascara

A look with the Urban Decay Glinda palette

I apologize for my eyebrows being out of control. Sheesh!


- Tornado all over the lid
- South in the crease
- Illusion on the browbone
- Eye pencil in Rockstar along the upper lash line
- Eye pencil in Ether along the lower lash line (that's one of the new shades UD released, not in the Glinda palette)
- Maybelline The Rocket mascara

Apparently I am in marathon training mode again.

Yeah, I just signed up for this yesterday. And I'm going to do it alone.

Let's see what I'm really made of, shall we?

T-minus 14 weeks.

Find your happy pace: Mermaid East Bay Half Marathon

After last week's Western Pacific HM, I felt pretty lousy, physically and mentally. I ended up being sick the entire week with a bad cold/sore throat, and I didn't work out at all except for an 8am CrossFit class on Monday (which was awesome, because I PRed my deadlift at 225lbs!!) - no running and no further CrossFit. I was feeling pretty miserable and depressed. My work wife/bestie Lisa kept telling me, "You know this is your body's way of telling you that you've been working too hard, right? You need to stop doing EVERYTHING and just rest." I grumbled about it, but forced myself to rest. (Well, actually, I tried to run Thursday morning. My body just wasn't having it.)

I was even dreading today's race a little bit because of all my time off, and because I was still feeling awful yesterday, and also because I knew it was going to be in the high-80's again, despite the strange cooling off we had this week, and again, Quarry Lakes just doesn't…

Race Recap - Western Pacific Half Marathon

Half marathon number 7 on the year - in the books!

This one was kind of a doozy, and quite unexpectedly so. I've run at Quarry Lakes before (a Mermaid 5k, and as I later realized, the Union City 10k also uses a large portion of the same trail that isn't inside the park area), so I was expecting a fast, flat race. It was definitely flat, and it would've been fast, except I absolutely did not take into consideration the fact that there is very little shade along the entire course. And with the spike in heat we've been experiencing lately, this race (which I had secretly been hoping to PR) became just totally brutal.

In fact, here's how much I did NOT consider the weather:

I don't think I've ever worn sunscreen for a race before (I know, I know!), and today was no exception. I'm actually not really burnt - no pain or anything, though my cheeks are a bright shade of pink. But I was definitely concerned for myself out there.

Even when I wasn't in the su…

Happy May!

My eye colors make me think of mermaids.

- UD e/s in Vanilla all over the lid
- UD e/s in Deep End in the crease (use a fluffier crease brush) and blended out with Naked
- UD eye pencil in Perversion along the upper lash line and Mushroom along the lower lash line
- Cover Girl Clump Crusher mascara

If I were to do this again, I would probably apply a white base underneath, just to make the yellow of Vanilla pop more.