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Race recap: Vibha Dream Mile half marathon

Half marathon #9 on the year, in the books.

I really wasn't feeling it today. The whole time I just wanted to quit early and go back to bed. (I didn't though - I finished the whole thing. But my heart wasn't in it.) I guess we all have days like that, right?

The event itself was fine - small (1500 total participants for the HM/10k/5k), well-organized, friendly. Cute medal and they covered the cost of parking for us. It was pretty much the exact same course as the HM I ran in March, since it was also at Hellyer County Park.

Finish time: 3:03:34. Meh. I could've done better if I'd felt motivated.

Next up: Brazen's Dirty Dozen Endurance run - I'm signed up for the 6 hour challenge. I'm counting it as a HM even though I actually plan to run 16 miles. And then the weekend after, the Jungle Run in Los Gatos. (Yup, ONE more back-to-back.)