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More on Sugarpill's Cold Chemistry palette

So now that I've had a little time to play with it, I can finally express some thoughts on Sugarpill's Cold Chemistry palette.

Each shade is pretty spectacular, except for Diamond Eyes, which I found to be dry and tough to work with. I had to scrape and scrape to pick up product for that one. (But maybe it was just mine? Because other bloggers seemed to have good experiences with it.)

But the other three shades are SUPER soft and pigmented - in fact, I tried to use just a touch of Soot & Stars in my crease, and even just the light touch gave me almost too much product :) Elemental Chaos is my favorite of the four (surprise, surprise, it's purple), and Subterranean is gorgeous, but I haven't used it much because it's darker than I'm used to.

On the whole, Cold Chemistry is dark not just for Sugarpill but even for me. I'm finding that I'd rather use these colors separately with other eye shadows (Sugarpill or other brands) than all together in one look, because that's just too much dark for me.

So, aside from Diamond Eyes (the color of which I LOVE, but the texture of which is problematic for me), I totally love this palette. But not as a palette, so much as the individual colors that happen to come in this palette. I don't know - it's still a better deal to buy the palette than to buy the shadows separately anyhow.

On the lid, Subterranean (outer), Diamond Eyes (center), Elemental Chaos (inner)
In the crease, Soot & Stars