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Urban Decay Black Market eye pencil set comparison swatches

Happy holidays!

Wait, what? Oh, it's only September. Well, it FEELS like Christmas, because Urban Decay's Holiday 2013 collection is dropping this Tuesday (9/10).

Except that apparently Ulta already has a couple of fancy schmancy new items available for purchase today, including the Black Market eye pencil set, which features 6 travel-sized pencils, 5 of which are new/exclusive colors, and the one that isn't new/exclusive is new-ish, in the sense that it was one of the new colors UD released when they re-released their line of eye pencils (so, it's not a color that has been around for years).

I was already at Ulta anyway, returning a couple things. I saw the set... It was inevitable.

So, the Black Market set comes with:

- West, a medium brown with tiny gold sparkles
- Black Market, a satiny light black (if that makes any sense)
- Desperation, a matte gray (This is the one that is part of the permanent line)
- Riot, a dark bluish purple with sparkles
- Apathy, a metallic olive green
- Ink, a navy blue with a sheen

West, Black Market, Desperation
Riot, Apathy, Ink
And of course, I had to do some comparison swatching, so you can see how they look next to UD's other pencils.

*At this point, I do not have Abyss, Cuff, Smoke, and Loaded. I would've liked to have seen Abyss and Loaded swatched next to Ink and Black Market.

Here we go. I first did a mega swatch of all the shades remotely similar to the one in the set, and then I pulled out the ones I thought were MOST similar for a closer look.

The horizontal swipe up there is the Wasteland shadow pencil. The rest, from L to R:
Demolition, Corrupt, Whiskey, Muse, Bourbon, Hustle, Roach, and West

So, to my eyes, West looks like a darker Muse, but not as dark as Corrupt, and I believe Corrupt has silvery sparkles in it whereas West has gold. (Muse is kind of gold-y.) Verrrrrrry tiny difference.

From L to R: Perversion, Zero, Oil Slick, Uzi, Black Market

Black Market is a touch grayer than zero, but not gray enough to be actually considered gray, if that makes sense. It's also got much more of a sheen than Zero does (and obviously, no sparkles). I find this color super interesting and can't wait to wear it. I hope they make this permanent someday. PS - The version of Uzi I'm using in these swatches is pre-reboot of the eye pencil line.

 From L to R: Stray Dog, Ether, Mercury (shadow pencil), Gunmetal, Uzi, Desperation

I actually already have Desperation (I just never did swatch photos of it), and I swear, it is the color I have been waiting for all my life. It's a dark matte gray, and UD has never made a color like it. It has become my Holy Grail gray. And actually, all four pencils swatched in the photo just above are my favorites for my lower lashline. (I forgot to add Mushroom to the super-swatch photo, so I added it in for the second swatch.)

From L to R: Empire, Vice, Delinquent (shadow), Delinquent (liner), Riot 

Riot is very similar to the Delinquent liner pencil, but rather than being blackish with purple sparkles, it's a blackened purple with purple sparkles. It's also bluer than any of the other purples. You know, I didn't swatch Ransom, because I knew it would be much lighter than Riot, but I'm willing to bet that in blueness, they would be comparable.

From L to R: Invasion, Junkie, Clinic (shadow pencil), Mildew, Apathy 

Mildew was the only one that came remotely close, but it's brighter than Apathy.

From L to R: Binge, Sabbath, Mainline, LSD, Ink 

Ink doesn't have any near-perfect matches either. It's dark like LSD, but its finish is more like Binge's - kinda metallic/shiny, and no sparkles. Sabbath was far darker, and Mainline was too teal.

All in all, I think that West is the only one that I could probably do without because I already have so many just like it, and I rarely wear brown eyeliner. (Is that weird?) Riot has some close matches too, but I love any and all purples, so I don't mind. And the other four I'm totally stoked about, even the one I already have.

It's $36 for 6 pencils. If you are only interested in a few, I recommend splitting the set with a friend.