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Light at the end of the tunnel

My knee injury has been lingering awhile, so I finally got to see a physical therapist yesterday about it, to see exactly what was wrong. Basically, I still can't bend my knee into a deep squat, and I can't kneel on my knee.

My PT, Nicole, surprised me by asking me right away what my derby name is! It turns out, she's a derby fan, and she was excited about me coming in because it was in my file that I'm a derby skater (because that's how I got injured). It was really great that I happened to get an appointment with someone who is familiar with my sport and who has an appreciation for the kind of impact and injuries that result. (Of COURSE I invited her to our bout.)

After a few assessments, she determined that there's nothing WRONG wrong with my knee (like, my ligaments are fine and all that) - my IT band and the surrounding muscles in my knee have healed really tight and my knee is out of alignment with the rest of me. My homework is to foam-roll a whole bunch and to do some strengthening exercises to get my other muscles to pull my knee back where it's supposed to be.

Even though it may take a few weeks before I really start to notice any improvement, I'm really happy about this, because I now feel like I have some modicum of control over the situation. Before, I had no idea what was wrong and no idea what to do about it. Basically, all I could do was just sit around and WAIT for my knee to feel better. Which sucks - I am the worst when it comes to waiting and being patient. But now I feel like a little of it is back in my hands (or, rather, legs), and I can actually be proactive about healing and getting back on track.

Small victory, but I'll take it!