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Quick thoughts on the Naked 3 palette from Urban Decay

I got my Naked 3! I managed to get my order in before they sold out.

Very beautiful! Nooner and Darkside are probably my favorites so far. Dust and Buzz are my least favorite just because of their micro-glitter texture - they're very beautiful shades, but they're a little crumbly compared to the other ones.

They don't all totally pull pink on me, and I think it's because some of them are less pink than others in the palette. Like, seeing them all together next to each other, you're like, IT'S ROSY! But swatching them individually, they aren't so pink that they clash with my warm undertones. (Also, I'm medium-dark, so that probably obscures some of the pink.)

Here are some pictures of palette:

And I know some people will find this sacrilegious, but I immediately depotted this because I want all my Nakeds to live together:

Naked 1 on top, Naked 2 center (I took out Half Baked and Blackout because they already exist in Naked 1 and 15th Anniversary, respectively), and Naked 3 on the bottom. (My Naked Basics lives with my 15th Anniversary palette.)

You can definitely see overall how much pinker this palette is than the previous two. Each shade has some element of "rosiness" in it, whether it's overtly pink, or peachy-pink, or goldy-pink, or mauve, or dark red. It's lovely, and I can't wait to use it. :)