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Year in Review: My Highlights of 2013

In rough chronological order, here are some of the best moments of the past year for me:

- Reading The Fault in Our Stars
- The Lizzie Bennet Diaries in general, but especially being in the fandom
- PRing my half marathon, twice
- Disney Coast to Coast challenge
- Educating myself more about feminism and intersectionality
- Going back to roller derby
- Santa Rosa marathon
- Welcome to Night Vale
- My "excuses" being on Buzzfeed
- Catching Fire
- My birthday weekend

Demanda Riot, Disney princesses, and the marathon I didn't run

This weekend I turned 31. And none of it happened how I planned.

This was the weekend I was supposed to run the California International Marathon in Sacramento. It would've been my third full marathon, and my fastest (because I would've had to finish in 6 hours instead of 6:30 or 7:00). I was supposed to run it with my best friend Becca.

What happened instead was that I sprained my knee badly at the end of September scrimmaging at the BAD warehouse, which meant that by the time I felt well enough to run, it would be too late to just jump into marathon training, so that was out.

I was already missing so many things due to that injury, and missing the CIM was a major blow. Still, I tried to be optimistic and planned ahead.

Even if I couldn't train for a marathon, I could heal enough by December to get back on skates, right? So I decided to sign up for Red Red Holiday, the annual derby tournament put on by the Sac City Rollers, which was also taking place my birthday weekend …