Thursday, January 30, 2014

L'Oreal Infallible spring colors

Sometimes there are colors and I just have to wear them.

Clockwise from the top: Purple Priority, Always Pearly Pink, Burst into Bloom

These are from L'Oreals spring line of Infallible eyeshadows.

- Burst into Bloom all over the lid
- Purple Priority in the crease
- Always Pearly Pink to blend/highlight
- UD eye pencil in Tornado along the upper lash line, topped with Purple Priority
- CoverGirl The Bombshell mascara

I might try this again with NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk as a base, to see if I can get Burst into Bloom to pop a bit more.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Smoky olive and purple

The other day, UD's Facebook page posted this tutorial for an olive and purple eye that I really liked, so I decided to try it myself, but I made it smoky instead.

The eyeshadows used are all from the Vice 2 palette.

- Stash all over the lid
- Smokeout in the crease
- Habit to blend out the crease
- UD eye pencil in Psychedelic Sister along the upper lashline and Desperation along the lower lashline
- L'Oreal The Butterfly Voluminous mascara

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Tinkerbell Half Marathon 2014

(For the record, I've never been sure if it's "Tinkerbell" or "Tinker Bell," and I don't really care enough to look it up and correct myself. The race stuff (in my photos) looks like it says "TinkerBell," so... yeah, I don't care.)

I've been saying that this would be the last year I run Tinkerbell, but I think I still want to come back next year. And the year after that. At least to be a five-year streaker.

This year, a few things were different.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

I made lipstick with crayons.

I was so inspired by this blog post (which I discovered through Sheila of Painted Ladies), that I HAD to try this for myself. Because you know how I love crafting and makeup.

So I gathered the materials as recommended, including:

Starting with a small box. If I feel like making a ton more, I'll buy the big box someday.
and containers I bought from Michaels:

and coconut oil, which I already had a jar of because I cook with it sometimes. (Don't worry, it wasn't contaminated with food or anything - I always use a clean spoon to scoop it out.) I also had my handly spritzer bottle of rubbing alcohol to sanitize the containers.

So I followed the directions as written (double-boiler and all - next time, I'm using the microwave), and I decided to make six for my first go around.

I found that for the most part, these ended up being more like a tinted lip balm than a lipstick, and I think I need to play around with the proportion of crayon to coconut oil a bit to find the right amount of pigmentation, but overall, I really like everything that I made, and I will totally do this again. (Though, it's not like I'm so lacking in lip products that I need to make more =P) Aside from one (which I'll talk about later), it didn't smell or taste like crayon. The coconut oil scent was strong, and it was actually SUPER moisturizing. Usually when I swatch a bunch of lip products in succession, my lips get really irritated, but not this time.

This one is about .75 Brown and .25 Carnation Pink with 1/4 tsp oil. (If the numbers are confusing, please refer to the instructions in the original blog post.) I just wanted a sort of my-lips-but-better shade, and it looked dark in the pan, but ended up being sheer (again, more balm than lipstick).

This one is 1.0 Red Violet. I don't know if I put a little too much coconut oil, because this one was squishier than the others. (I probably did. I thought I measured out 1/4 tsp, but I probably wasn't being precise enough.) I want to play around with this color again because it's one of my favorite colors for lips, and would love to get a more opaque formula.

This is 2.0 Red with 1/2 tsp oil. (Because when DON'T you need more red, amiright?)

This is 2.0 Violet Red with 1/2 tsp oil. Came out a little sheerer than the regular Red, for some reason. (Probably the proportion of oil.)

This one is about .75 Violet and .75 Carnation Pink, with about 1/2 tsp oil. I had started out with .75 Violet and .25 CP, but it was still pretty dark, so I added more pink (and then felt like I should add more oil). It's a very sheer dark orchid color, and probably a good way to test out wearing purples if you're shy about wearing purple. (Which I'm not, actually... I love purple lipstick.) Again, would've been phenomenal if I could get it more opaque.

Ugh, this one. I was trying to make olive green (because why buy weird colors I'll only wear rarely when I can make them for really cheap?) to use as possible bout makeup, since (as you may know) I skate for the Psychopathogens and our colors are olive green and red. Now I know why it's so hard to find many olive green things - it's a PITA color to MAKE. It's a complex color - I started out with .75 Green and .25 Dandelion with 1/4 tsp oil. And then it was still really dark, so I added more Dandelion (I stopped being diligent about my note-taking at this point, as this was the last one I made), and then it was a smidgen lighter, but still too purely green, so I tossed in a little Gray (not much change), and then some Brown (which started getting me on the right track), and then some White to lighten, and then more Brown, and more White, and more Brown, and then some more Green... and so on and so forth until I got the color above. (You can see it didn't PERFECTLY mix, since there's an errant swirl of brown on the top.) And I was adding bits of coconut oil as I went along the way, but it definitely wasn't enough, since the end result quite crayon-y (it even smelled a little crayon-y, whereas none of the other ones did), and I pretty much had to dig into it hard with my lip brush to pick up product. I bet I could color with this if I could get it out of the container. And yet, even with all the crayon, I had to apply tons of it to get the color above on my lips, so... it's a good thing that I only plan to wear this rarely.

So yeah, it was cool to stand in the kitchen over the stove holding a little glass bowl with a set of tongs and stirring my evil potions like a mad scientist. This was a lot of fun, and I definitely plan to make a few more.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Rave: my Ipsy bag for January 2014

I don't usually feel the need to gush about my Ipsy bags, but for some odd reason, I am really happy with this one. (It's odd because the sneak peeks were nothing exciting to me, and meanwhile, there've been sneak peeks that I've been thrilled about, but then the bag was just kinda meh.)

I think it's because I can actually see myself using all of this. Past bags have had one or two really choice products and the rest were like, "What do I even do with this? I don't use hair oil." But I actually like everything:

First of all, cute bag. I have NOT loved all their bags - some of them were boring, some gaudy, some kinda low-quality. This one is nice and sturdy, and I love the toiletries on it.

Mica Beauty Tinted Lip Balm in #6 Fiesta
I know Ipsy really likes Mica Beauty - I feel like I've received a lot of their stuff already. And yeah, gel liner is cool (but I don't really use it). But who can't use another lip balm, right? This one is reeeeaaalllllly pigmented, and I really like this shade of pink! I feel like I'm on a neverending quest for pink lipwear that actually works with my skin tone, and this one seems to. Kudos to the Ipsy people who chose this color for me.

Elizabeth Mott Smooth Shadow eye pencil in Pearl
For the most part, I stick to Urban Decay eyeliner, but UD doesn't really have this color. It looks paler in the photo than in person - it's really quite peachy. And I like this because I've been meaning to get an eye pencil in this color to use as a base for the lighter Naked 3 colors. It's smooth, pigmented, and very shimmery. Kudos again, Ipsy, for sending me a shade I've been meaning to buy.

Briogeo Don't Despair, Repair Deep Conditioning Mask
What are you guys, psychic or something? I was thinking about getting a deep conditioning treatment for my hair, just for once a week or something like that. And now I have one.

Proactiv Mark Fading Pads
I got four of these, and that's pretty cool. I do actually have a lot of acne scars on my face, mostly around my chin, because that's where I break out every month.

Nourish Organic Face Lotion
Finally, I have been playing around recently with my moisturizing routine, and switching between a few different products just to see which one I like best for the winter. This one is probably lighter than I want for winter, but I like it a lot. If anything, this'll make a great travel moisturizer.

Great stuff in this bag! I'm not even upset that I didn't get the small-sized BeneFit POREfessional.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Race recap: Hot Chocolate Run SF 5k

A beautiful start to the day
Aside from a short 1.5-mile jog this past Wednesday (that was really mostly walking), I haven't run at all since my last race, the Mermaid Sirena 10-miler in San Francisco in November (after which I developed a cold that turned into a sinus infection, and then I reinjured my knee, and then two weeks ago I caught a really bad cold that had me bed-ridden for the better part of a week...)

So, I decided to change distances for the Hot Chocolate Run yesterday - instead of doing the 15k that I signed up for, I wisely ended up running the 5k instead.

Of course, there are two totally different approaches to running 3.1 miles vs. 9.3 miles, but in general, I just didn't feel like being on my feet for 6ish extra miles. The only reason why I had really wanted to do this race was for the awesome swag and the giant mug of chocolate fondue they give you at the end, so... I was fine with taking a whole lot less time to finish.

A bunch of other PRGers were doing this race too, and at some point I saw all of us doing the 5k out on the course. (My leaguemates that I rode up with were doing the 15k.) It's just really fun to do something non-derby together sometimes :)

But as far as the run was concerned, it was a solo effort. I wasn't sure how I was going to feel (I've had a nasty cough for the last WEEK) and how my knee would hold up, but I wanted to try. I didn't want to go in and just sandbag it; I wanted to REALLY see what I was capable of at this point in time, after being down for so long.

And you know what? It wasn't bad. I officially finished in 43:43, which is a 14:06 pace. Not bad for being sick and injured, right? I know I ran pretty much the entire first mile in about 13:30 (I checked my watch), and I was really pleased about that. Miles 2 and 3 had inclines of various lengths, and I'm sure I COULD have run them, if I were in good shape, but the point was that I wasn't in good shape, so I forgave myself for walking those. But as such, I still maintained a pretty good pace and only started hacking up a lung after I crossed the finish line. (I might have pushed myself extra hard for the last tenth of a mile.)

The race was REALLY well-organized, especially considering how this was its first San Francisco installment. I heard that there was an estimated 10,000 runners, and despite that, it felt very friendly and intimate. The start corrals were well-organized and we started in waves, which I really appreciated, because a race like this tends to have a lot of beginner runners, and you really just want to space people out. Also, they started the 5k first, which is unusual, because they generally start the longer distance first so that you don't have shorter distance runners turning around and coming back the same way while the longer distances are just heading out. (Although it was a looped course anyway, not an out-and-back.) But the 5k started 50 minutes before the 15k, and since they had stated online that we were being held to a 15:00-mile pace, it became clear that the point was to have as many 5k runners finish as possible before the 15k runners even started.

This alleviated congestion not just on the course, but also at the post-race area, where all the chocolate was being served :) So when I finished, the post-race area, which I don't know what it's called, because I don't know anything about Golden Gate Park, but it's here, was pretty crowded:

Yeah, that area ^ was swarming with 5k finishers initially, but by the time the majority of the 15k finishers started rolling in, it was largely empty.

Regardless, the chocolate tent was really well set-up, with TONS of serving lines, and the volunteers had it running like a well-oiled machine, so despite the sheer number of runners, I barely had to wait to pick up THIS:

Oddly enough, the handle allows it to hang really well from the hooks on my medal display rack.
Hot chocolate, chocolate fondue, a banana, a Rice Krispy treat, a bag of mini pretzels, and a wafer cookie. (I passed on the packaged snacks, but ate the banana and ALL THE CHOCOLATE.) Oh yeah. I was not disappointed. (By the way, they also very thoughtfully included a wet wipe.)

I would absolutely do this race again (if they don't hike up the race fee too much in the next few years), assuming I have someone to drive me again =P (They had shuttles from different areas in SF, and yeah, that's awesome, but yeah... carpooling with friends who KNOW the city is just better.) And my friend who picked up our race packets for us said that the entire process was really easy and quick, using QR codes. So yeah, I had a lot of fun, and I wasn't frustrated at any point, and the start line announcer guy was very Cecil Baldwin-like in his voice and his sense of humor. Color me impressed.

Handy drawstring bag with a little piece of chocolate

The SWEET techy-fabric half-zip hoodie we got.
Next on deck: my third Tinkerbell Half Marathon this coming weekend. No, I'm not going to PR this time. I'm just going to say that right now. A 3:00 finish would suit me just fine.

(Also, Jolie will be doing the kids race this time! My baby's first race! I'm more excited for her than for myself.)

Monday, January 6, 2014


Well, what now? My last two years have been so defined by running goals that, now that I don't have any further running goals, I'm not really sure what I'm aiming for. And the year before that was a whole lot of derby.

Aside from an ultra (which I don't feel ready for), I've done every running distance - I don't really want to try NEW races (obstacle courses and glow-stick runs don't interest me); I want to do everything I've already done, but BETTER.

I want to become a better derby player, for sure. I have a lot of ground to make up, thanks to my injury, but I think I was doing well up until the moment I got injured (literally up until that moment, since I got injured in a scrimmage). I have signed up for some ambitious bouts for Rollercon this summer, and I intend to rise to the challenge.

Otherwise... right now, it's hard to think of long-term goals when my short-term goals are the crucial thing: I've been sick with a bad cold for the last week, so it feels like nothing matters until I recover from that, and my knee is feeling better, but I won't know how it holds up until I get back on skates. :/

I'm also trying to get back on the wagon in terms of Paleo-eating. Why do I keep trying even though I obviously have such a hard time staying on-track? Because I know it's what my body needs most. It's how my body works best. And I can stay on it as long as I get a good head of steam going, but that's the hardest part, usually - building momentum. Once it becomes normal, habitual, it's not that big of a deal. It's the switchover that is the hardest. So far, I've been doing okay, but that's really only because I've been so sick that I've had NO appetite, which makes it pretty easy to stay away from the stuff that normally is so tempting to me. Also, my body has felt so bogged down and bloated and gross lately that all I want is to eat clean right now.

Hopefully this will have the great effect of helping my body perform more efficiently so that when I eventually get around to race training again, it won't be such a climb to get back into (my) peak condition. I am taking a bit of a racing hiatus (well, aside from the fact that I've got a race this weekend and next, but they're just fun runs for me), and I just want to 1) build my fitness back up (I'm going to CrossFit again), and 2) get better at derby. If I take good care of myself, I could run for the rest of my life, but derby will always have a shelf life. In fact, it's very likely that this year will be my last year of derby at all, for reasons that I can't yet reveal.

Anyway... I had a pretty prolific 2013. I hope that 2014 will be even better.