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ELF haul!

I just received an ELF (eyeslipsface) order I placed recently, and I wanted to post some swatches of some of the items for people to see if they need :)

Prism Eyeshadow palette

Rose gold is de rigeur right now, is it not? It was hard to choose just one palette, but I was really drawn to this one. I swatched it on bare skin (no primer), and as you can see, it's very pigmented. The texture is really soft (almost too soft, maybe? You may get fallout) and I didn't have pick up much for the swatches above.

Long-Lasting Lustrous Eyeshadow

Left: Toast; Right: Festivity
Out of all the items, these might be my favorite things. They are cream shadows, but they are SQUISHY. Like, spongey in texture. It's like playing with Play Doh. I love these just because I'm fascinated by them. Very pigmented, but I don't think they last super long, because about ten minutes later, I was able to wipe them away easily with a tissue, and there was just a bunch of sparkle left behind. Maybe primer will help.

Cream Eyeliner

Left: Metallic Olive; Right: Punk Purple
I've heard lots of great things about ELF's Studio Cream Liners, and I've been seeing them at Target for ages now, but never got around to picking them up. (And usually there's just black or brown left.) I really like the olive shade - it went on just about opaque, as you see there. The purple was sheerer; it had kind of a gray/black base to it. I would've liked it to be a more solid purple, but it's still a pretty color. These definitely stay on.

HD Blush

Shade: Superstar
I've never tried the MUFE blush that these blushes are supposed to be similar to, but regardless, this is GREAT. I mistakenly dispensed a full pump on the back of my hand and just stuck my finger in it to swipe it on my cheeks, and it was quite the funny sight. A little goes a LONG way, and apparently I had enough just on my fingertip to cover half my face. Even with the swatch photo above, I had to wipe off ALL the excess (like, literally pick it up with a tissue) and it still left a pretty solid streak on my hand. So for its cost and for the number of uses you'll get out of one bottle, this is a pretty solid purchase and I am pleased. Just take my advice and don't ever dispense a full pump, unless you plan on turning your entire face and neck pink.

This wasn't all I ordered, but these were the swatchable items. Also, here was the gift with purchase that I got:

Holy cow, right? That's practically a purchase all on its own.

ELF, I heart you.