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Sugarpill Sparkle Baby swatches - Frostine, Hotsy Totsy, and Kitten Parade

Well, three out of four. (Candy Crush was out of stock. But it WILL be mine, oh yes.)

L to R: Frostine, Hotsy Totsy, and Kitten Parade
I'm so excited to have these! They're not available through yet, but I found them at a store in LA, and I ordered them over the phone (since I'm not in Southern California).


These are really, really pretty, and as always, the quality is stellar. Well, Frostine is a little powdery, but that's just what happens with pastels. It's got this really great, subtle iridescence to it. Hotsy Totsy is the brightest of this collection, though pretty tame compared to other Sugarpill pinks we've seen before. It's got some sparkle to it. Kitten Parade is my favorite of the three, a beautiful peachy-pink with gold shimmer.  All smooth, all pigmented, all lovely.

The last one that I'm missing is Candy Crush, which appears to be a sort of baby blue/pale aqua. I'll post when I get it :)