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Urban Decay Early Exclusive Sample - 24/7 Velvet Glide-On Eye Pencil!

I love that UD occasionally sends out sample-sized versions of upcoming products, and I especially love when I manage to snag one :)

So, this is interesting! I can't tell if this is just a new black pencil or if there are going to be a whole line of Velvet pencils in different colors, but the finish on this one is different. 

It reminds me of charcoal, a very black charcoal. And much more matte than even Perversion, which does have a sort of sheen to it. Here, see for yourself:

L to R: Zero, Black Velvet, Perversion
Perversion is inky-black and extremely soft and creamy. It's got a touch of satin in its finish, and in my lighting, it leans a little blue.  Black Velvet is black, black, black, and I found it to be slightly harder in texture Perversion, less slippery, which you may like or you may not like. 

Either way, if you're a black pencil enthusiast, you definitely won't want to miss out on Black Velvet when they finally release it. (I don't know when that will be.)