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A letter to myself as I embark on another Whole30

Dear Thu,

This is a letter to the future you.

There will come a time... and we're not sure when that time will be - it could be in two weeks or even merely two days from your starting date... when you will feel like you can't do this. There will come a time when you've had a particularly bad day or you didn't get enough sleep or you forgot to prep your vegetables ahead of time, and you will feel like throwing up a YOLO sign and buying a dollar cheeseburger.

Before you do that, come back and read this letter. Read this letter and REMEMBER.

Remember the horrific stomach pains.

Remember the heaviness in your limbs, the feeling like you can't even make it to the end of the hallway.

Remember waking up dizzy and nauseous from whatever junk you ate the night before.

Remember eating too much gluten and having really annoying allergy symptoms hours later.

Remember the disappointment you feel every time you get tired after running at a really slow pace for only a minute and a half. (Not that there's anything wrong with that, but you HAVE done better.)

But also... remember how great you felt that time you ran a mile in under 11 minutes for the first time because your body was functioning efficiently and the weight loss meant that your body could move faster?

Remember feeling like you could attack the day and nothing could bring you down?

Remember all those cute clothes you bought that are now unworn in your closet because you put the weight back on?

Remember how good strawberries tasted after you adjusted to not eating excess sugar, and it was like being REBORN?

Remember what it felt like to be proud of yourself, instead of ashamed (and not just because of how you look, but because you were able to DO more)? Remember when people used to call you a badass?

Remember what it felt like NOT to be sick all the time?

Remember all these things. And then don't buy the cheeseburger. Go make some eggs and spinach instead. You can't go wrong with eggs and spinach.

Past and Present Thu