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This whole trend of hating trends? I hate it.

I don't know if it's human nature, or if it's something that has just been boosted to the umpteenth degree because of the Internet, but there are a lot of people who are eager to express their dislike of the latest popular thing. And maybe because I happen to be a big fan of two things that are lately popular (CrossFit and the Paleo diet), but it's really been wearing on my nerves. I know I seem to spend a lot of time ranting about things and being angry (and truth be told, there are lots of things to be legitimately angry about), but I honestly try to operate from a position of "Live and let live." You'd rather be vegan than Paleo? Cool, go for it! You don't want to do CrossFit? No prob, I hope you find an activity you enjoy. You like wearing yoga pants to the grocery store? Hey, I have days like that too - no judgment here. As long as you aren't oppressing anyone or being malicious, then YOU DO YOU, BRO. That's the thing - when you're

Whole30, Day 21

Paleo mayonnaise. Instagram helps me be artsy.    9  10 days to go! (Forgot there are 31 days in May) Still going strong, although I think I'm looking forward to having a little more breathing room to include things that have honey/agave/vanilla in my diet. I've been feeling great, and where I'm noticing changes the most is in my athletic performance - my runs have been going really well, aside from some knee pain (as I readjust to running on concrete). I've also noticed that clothes I've had that were too snug before are now actually on the loose side. One thing, though, that I'm kind of worried about is that lately I've been waking up during the night sporadically. It's not always at regular intervals, and it's not always every night, but I'm definitely noticing that I've been waking up in advance of my alarm clock almost every time. It could be a number of things - my body is still adjusting to my new nutrition habits, my room

Whole30, day 14 It's been two weeks! And I'm still holding strong. You know that idiotic saying, "Nothing tastes as good as being thing feels"? Well, for me, it's "Nothing tastes as good as feeling good feels." (Although... macarons.) I ran a 5k this Sunday, and though it was hard, it was the best I had felt in a long time. I haven't had nearly as many stomachaches (like, 90% fewer, and I'm guessing it's only because my body had detoxing to do), and I'm much more well-rested. As I've said before, sleeping enough is a big goal of mine this time around, and it's making a difference because I could not for the life of me get up at 5am to run before now. (Though, what helps is that it's getting warmer and lighter earlier in the morning. Winter is hard for morning runs.) And yes, I do feel like I'm losing bodyfat. I haven't weighed myself, but my clothes feel the slightest bit looser. Things I made this week:

I brought my Bia Sport watch to the Mermaid East Bay run, and it was fabulous.

This was my first race since January's Hot Chocolate 5k - I've spent most of the last few months being injured or sick (or both), and even though I registered for a few races in the interim, I ended up skipping them because there was no way I was ready (or even healthy enough) to run those distances. In fact, I had originally registered for the half for this, but I ended up deciding to drop to the 5k. It was the smart thing to do, considering how I'm only just starting to hit about 3 or 4 miles per run these last couple of weeks. I was pretty excited, because I had a bunch of friends running with me today (not WITH me, but at the same race) - my best friend Becca, my coworker, my derby friends, etc. Everything's more fun with friends! So, since the 5k started at 9am, I had planned to get there by 7:30, but the line of cars into the parking lot was so atrociously long that I made it just after 8. It was fine for me, but I was trying to meet up with a couple of

Whole30 Day 7

So far, I feel awesome. It's a bit cliche to be like, "WHY HAVE I STAYED AWAY SO LONGGGG" but it's the truth - I've known all along (at least, for the last two years) that this is what makes my body happiest, and instead, I kept feeding it junk (tasty, decadent junk, but still junk). Things that have changed over the past week: - I'm sleeping more and sleeping well . Even though I've been waking up before my alarm clock a lot (even today, at 5am!), I'm waking up feeling refreshed. - Once I got past the initial days of carb flu, my mind started feeling sharper and clearer. I feel like I've been floating in a haze, and now the fog has lifted. - My run this morning (2/1 intervals for 45:00) was infinitely easier than it was last week (same intervals for only 30:00). Even on Sunday, I had trouble keeping ALL the of the intervals. Partly it has to do with speed, and me trying to run too fast, but even when I slowed down the intervals, I was bare