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This whole trend of hating trends? I hate it.

I don't know if it's human nature, or if it's something that has just been boosted to the umpteenth degree because of the Internet, but there are a lot of people who are eager to express their dislike of the latest popular thing. And maybe because I happen to be a big fan of two things that are lately popular (CrossFit and the Paleo diet), but it's really been wearing on my nerves.

I know I seem to spend a lot of time ranting about things and being angry (and truth be told, there are lots of things to be legitimately angry about), but I honestly try to operate from a position of "Live and let live." You'd rather be vegan than Paleo? Cool, go for it! You don't want to do CrossFit? No prob, I hope you find an activity you enjoy. You like wearing yoga pants to the grocery store? Hey, I have days like that too - no judgment here. As long as you aren't oppressing anyone or being malicious, then YOU DO YOU, BRO.

That's the thing - when you're writing articles spewing your hatred of the latest thing just because you find it annoying, it's kind of malicious. I've read countless anti-Paleo and anti-CrossFit articles, and most of them are of the "man, these people are irritating, so I'm going to take them down a peg" variety. They're not informative or educational; they're just ranty. Are you actually trying to teach us something because you're genuinely concerned for our welfare, or are you just spewing your venom on the Internet at a group you happen to not belong to, just because you can? Are you using your powers for good or for evil?

Each person has a voice. It may be a small voice, just one voice among many, but it's still a voice, and you have to consider whether you're using your voice for good or for evil. Are you supporting, nurturing, or guiding? Or are you excluding and shaming? (Because, let's face it, an anti- clique is just as cliquey as a clique itself.) When your friends post about things that they like that you find annoying, are you the first person to post your disapproval in the comments, or are you able to close the window/click "Hide" and walk away? I couldn't care less about football, I don't watch Dr. Who, and I've never read Harry Potter - but I have nothing against them either. So I leave it alone, and I do the things that I love instead, and I leave other people to their passions. (I hate that I'm even taking the time to write about hating, but it's been on my mind.)

If Hobbes is right, and life IS nasty, brutish, and short, then I think funneling your energy into letting everyone know JUST HOW MUCH YOU HATE THIS THING THAT OTHER PEOPLE LOVE is a huge waste of time. I'd infinitely prefer to do something that makes me happy instead.