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Whole30 Day 7

So far, I feel awesome. It's a bit cliche to be like, "WHY HAVE I STAYED AWAY SO LONGGGG" but it's the truth - I've known all along (at least, for the last two years) that this is what makes my body happiest, and instead, I kept feeding it junk (tasty, decadent junk, but still junk).

Things that have changed over the past week:

- I'm sleeping more and sleeping well. Even though I've been waking up before my alarm clock a lot (even today, at 5am!), I'm waking up feeling refreshed.

- Once I got past the initial days of carb flu, my mind started feeling sharper and clearer. I feel like I've been floating in a haze, and now the fog has lifted.

- My run this morning (2/1 intervals for 45:00) was infinitely easier than it was last week (same intervals for only 30:00). Even on Sunday, I had trouble keeping ALL the of the intervals. Partly it has to do with speed, and me trying to run too fast, but even when I slowed down the intervals, I was barely hanging on and had to take extra walk breaks? This morning, not only did I make EVERY interval, but I was able to speed it up some. This by far has been the best thing.

- I bet running better has to do with the fact that my body feels lighter. I haven't weighed or measured myself, but I can just feel it. I don't think it's necessarily that I've lost weight (though my abdomen feels minutely smaller), but that my body feels less bogged down. Definitely feeling less bloated.

- I'm eating regularly. My other goal (in addition to the sleeping one) has been to stay on top of cooking and meal planning so that I'm never stuck without food options, and so far, it's been working. I've been finding the easiest recipes I can and making large batches so I have lots of leftovers. But moreover, I'm remembering what a pleasure it can be to cook. I've found recipes that I'm excited to try, and it doesn't feel like a burden.

All good things, and at the moment, I see no signs of slowing. Hell, the running one alone is a good enough reason to keep going, but honestly... considering how awful I've felt this past year, it's awesome to start feeling GOOD again, and to know that it's all under my control.

Recipes I've made this week:
Slow-cooker shredded chicken, which I put on a salad with guacamole and salsa, and then I could pretend it was from Chipotle =P Jimmy (who is not doing Paleo) put it on top of tortilla chips and cheese for chicken nachos
Balsamic Pot Roast - I didn't make the mashed cauli though. I just ate it with a sweet potato instead.
Balsamic Beef Bolognese - THIS IS THE BEST THING EVER. Instead of making zucchini noodles, I just steamed some broccoli slaw. Same difference to me. I also made an omelette with this for breakfast one day. Jimmy and Jolie ate this with spaghetti noodles and loved it.
Artichoke meatloaf - I liked it okay. I'm not a big artichoke eater.
Carrot cake porridge - Omitted the maple syrup and vanilla. Still REALLY good. It's very dense, especially when reheated, so I've taken to splashing some almond milk in before reheating, so it's a little creamier, and topping it with cinnamon-roasted walnuts and unsweetened dried coconut. I also put extra raisins in the actual porridge rather than using them as toppings.