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Ready to run! - See Jane Run Half/5k in Alameda, CA

It's on!

This weekend is the See Jane Run Half Marathon/5k in Alameda, and I am excited because I'm a SJR Ambassador, and I am happy to represent this wonderful company and event.

Earlier this week, I made my first sojourn to a See Jane Run store. I know, shameful that I've never visited one, right? The truth is, the nearest location to me is still over 30 miles away, so most of my patronage of SJR has been electronic. I was definitely excited to come pick up my packet in person and scope things out.

See Jane Run in Danville is a modest boutique in what looks to be a really opulent shopping center, and I was immediately greeted by an employee as well as a big shoe wall and a giant installation of pants. Ah... I immediately felt at home. After picking up my race packet, I wandered around a bit to explore the merchandise. It's definitely a running-focused store, with a mix of house-brand stuff as well as other big names like New Balance and ASICS, and a variety of apparel, accessories/gear (including hydration belts), footwear, and energy gels/chews. There's a small yoga section and various "lifestyle" accessories scattered throughout (like knit caps), but for the most part, the store is all about running. Yeah, definitely feels like home.

I got to meet Peggy Johnston, who runs the Ambassador program for SJR - it was really nice to shake hands with the woman who takes care of us all :) I picked up my awesome Ambassadors jacket, feeling very excited and official as I tried it on:

So, Sunday is the big day. I signed up for the half, just because I haven't done a half in a while, and while I know it will be slow-going for me, I'm still really stoked for it because I finally get to run with my best friend Becca again! It's been a while since we've raced together, and she's my running bestie/life bestie, so it's good that we'll be supporting each other out there on the course, because we'll really need it. ;)

This weekend will be more of a "fun run" for us (as much as one can call 13.1 miles "fun" =P) rather than an attempt at a specific time or goal. In keeping with the spirit of See Jane Run, we will be running in the name of fitness, sisterhood, and empowerment :)

I'd like to send out a good luck to all my fellow Ambassadors and other buddies who will be running this weekend, and I hope to see you out there on the race course!

(Psst... it's not too late to sign up!!! Go here and use the code SJRAMB239 for 10% off your registration!)