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14 Great Things about 2014

Photo by Cassie Ngo

In no particular order:
  1. I successfully trained for my third marathon and PRed my time.
  2. I read/watched the entire Harry Potter series.
  3. It was a good year for YAF at the movies (Vampire Academy, Divergent, TFIOS, Mockingjay Part 1).
  4. I completed in my first duathlon.
  5. I entered the wonderful world of Veronica Mars.
  6. I learned a ton about intersectional feminism this year. (This was a HUGE part of my year.)
  7. Jolie ran in her first race in January.
  8. I saw Hank Green live and got to say "Good morning, John! It's Friday!" for a Vlogbrothers video.
  9. I had blonde hair. And then purple hair.
  10. I got another tattoo (my marathon one).
  11. We moved out of our condo into a house and I have a kickass office/craft room/library.
  12. Jolie received a leadership/citizenship award at school.
  13. I became PR/Marketing copy editor for Cracked Slate Productions and we're well on our way to getting started on our first series.
  14. I read/finished 46 books this year and ran 448 miles. Possibly my largest numbers ever for both categories.
Photo highlights!

Bring it on, 2015!