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Raffle time!: See Jane Run

Hey you guys!
It's about that time of year when people are figuring out their race calendars - whether it's your first race or your hundredth, it's good to plan out your training ahead of time.

As you may know, I'm an ambassador for See Jane Run! I've been doing SJR races on and off for years, and a couple years ago, I decided I really wanted to help promote this race company because I love how empowering and friendly it is, and I fully believe in the SJR philosophy, which is that anyone can be a "Jane" - it doesn't matter how fast you go or how many miles you run. And if you can run a mile, then you can run a marathon. (If SJR had a full marathon, I would be all over that, btw).

SO... I have a free race entry to give away for any ONE of SJR's 2015 races:

Half marathon or 5k in Alameda (SF Bay Area) on June 21stHalf marathon or 5k in Seattle on July 12thDuathlon or triathlon in Pleasanton (SF Bay Area) on September 27th
To enter, please follow the…

Quick recap: Heart to Start 10k in Hillsboro, OR

This isn't going to be much of a recap, because I'm on vacation visiting family, but I managed to squeeze in a 10k - the Heart to Start 10k (part of the Heart Breaker Half run) in Hillsboro.

When I was looking ahead at this weekend, I knew I'd be out of town and I didn't want to just skip a 6-miler (or have to map out my own route in an unfamiliar area), so I decided the best thing to do would be to find a race - and luckily, there was one exactly the distance I needed, in the town where I was staying. Perfect.

Of course, the only NOT perfect thing was that I've been sidelined for the last two weeks with a bad cold/sore throat, so I haven't run at all. So this was really a difficult run because they were country roads with rolling hills - I might've done a better job if I were in shape, but such as it is, it was a difficult one. Luckily, one of my friends whom I haven't seen from college came out to run with me, so I had good company for the whole thing…

Never enough purples! - Colourpop Cosmetics

Purple is my favorite color. Showing off my ColourPop purples today

From left to right:

Dare: "Shockingly bright neon purple with hot pink and violet glitter"
Lace: "A deep rich blue violet with a pearlized finish"
Envy: "Black saturated with violet glitter"

All available at!

Race recap: Kaiser Permanente Half Marathon

People often like to say that they go running to clear their heads, but that happened rather literally this weekend.

On Thursday I fell ill with a really bad cold - not as bad as the one I had over Christmas, but I definitely was so congested that I was dizzy all day at work, and even had to skip workouts. (I know, right?) On Saturday morning, I even fell down my stairs like Brittany Murphy in Clueless. I kid you not. That's how out of it I was.

I really debated whether or not to run the Kaiser half on Sunday, but by the end of the day Saturday (after some aggressive hydrating and medicating), I was at least not feeling dizzy anymore, so I decided I would just go and take it easy.

I woke up feeling okay, but the long drive up and the morning congestion (in my head, not on the road) had me feeling dizzy again. I was feeling dubious as we rode the shuttle to the start line in Golden Gate Park, but the crisp San Francisco air revived me a bit, and I felt pretty much fine by the time…