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ColourPop matte eye shadows

Hey! I just realized that I haven't done a makeup post in a while (beyond sharing my Instagram photos), so I thought I'd do one now. It's not that I haven't been buying makeup - I've been swatching and photographing stuff, and then the pictures sit on my computer for a while.

So, not too long ago, ColourPop Cosmetics added some mattes to their already superb line of kinda-cream-but-kinda-powder Super Shock eye shadows, and of course, I had to get me some:

I promise, I didn't leave the lids off for long.
I already have a bunch of their shadows (there are more I haven't swatched *hides!*), so I already know that the quality and pigmentation are excellent. The mattes were no different. Here are swatches for the ones I got:

From L to R:

  • Hustle - "burgundy violet"
  • Fairfax - "black brown"
  • Girl Crush - "mid-toned true gray"

From L to R:
  • Roulette - "true black"
  • Tink - "true charcoal gray"
  • Effect - "blackened teal"
I love everything about these, and in particular, I've found Girl Crush to be an essential, either as a standalone shadow or as a long-lasting base for my powder shadows. I chose all of these as essential kit colors, and I really like them a lot. ColourPop continues to win my loyalty with the amazing range and quality of their products. (I'll have a lippie post on them soon!)