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I got this in my inbox just now (just an email blast from Stephanie at Stupid Easy Paleo), and I felt like it was addressed directly to me. TBH... it made me tear up.

You are good.

-Even if you didn't set a personal best when you tested your lifts at the gym. 
-Even when you decide to be kind to your body and take an extra rest day.
-Even when your diet isn't perfect. (Because nobody's is...not even mine.)
-Even if you decide to back out of a competition because you listened to a gut feeling.
-Even when you struggle to balance life with training and work.

Moments of self-doubt and judgment are so easy in times like these.

You think, "I'm not good / strong / smart / disciplined / fast / resourceful enough."

The truth is that you're living what it's like to be a human being:

The ups, the downs, the moments of ease, the moments of difficulty, and everything in between.

So if your wave has turned into a trough, just keep moving forward without judgment and cut yourself a break. The tide will rise again.