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Summer break!

Need to get back to the gym!
It's officially summer break, and it's gotten off to a rather inauspicious start.

The evening of my last day of school, as well as my last day of work (clearing out my classroom), as well as every single day since then, I have spent dealing with massive pain of some sort or another - toothaches, headaches, stomachaches... it's like, after two straight weeks of little sleep, poor eating, no exercise, and full-on stress, my body is catching up with me. Like, I managed to hold it together just long enough for the last kid to leave my room, and then everything awful came rushing at me afterwards :(

I know, sucks. Nonetheless, in between managing my pain (lots of pills, lots of naps), I'm managing to be slightly productive, and have made a lot of plans that I'm even starting to work on:

- I've already completed (and reviewed) two books over the last few days, and am halfway through another one. I plan to read a lot this summer! You can follow my bookish adventures over at Transitive Verve.

- I'm knitting again. I haven't finished a project in a long time, but that's also because the two I happen to have on the needles right now are large, long-term projects (a blanket and a circular shawl). But now that I have time, I can get back to working on both.

- I've been to the gym twice! Granted, I took two, almost three, weeks off from working out, so I'm not at my best, and I'm definitely not going to be ready to test my lifts along with everyone else next week, but that's okay. Just showing up is the hardest part, and I'm trying to do that. Also, I plan to start running again, once my headaches start staying away on a consistent basis.

- Having my days free means I can make appointments way more easily, so now I can go get all my necessary checkups and make sure that my health is on track. Honesty: I haven't had an eye exam in a long time. YEARS, in fact. I'm finally going this week. I'm pretty sure they're going to tell me I need glasses. So you might start seeing pictures of me in glasses.

- Home improvements! There's lots of major cleaning, rearranging, fixing up, and such that needs to get done around the house. We're starting with J's room, because that girl needs to start sleeping in her own room finally.

- And not to leave my job behind entirely, I'm super stoked to be attending two workshops from Facing History and Ourselves - an online one focused on To Kill a Mockingbird and an in-person one called Race and Membership that focuses on the history of eugenics. I've also actually already started lesson planning for next year, while this year is still fresh in my mind.

So yeah, busy summer ahead, and it just started! Hoping to enjoy my time at home with my family and to catch up on things I have less time for during the year.