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Running rut?

I came here ready to post about how I haven't gone running in well over a month, and I feel like I'm in a rut, but I suddenly realized just how many of my posts might say very nearly the exact same thing, and oddly, around the same time of year (summer break).

Going over old posts, I'm realizing that there's a pattern to my "ruts," and they usually occur during summer break and deep winter (like, January/February). And I suddenly thought... What if I'm not actually in a rut?

What if this is just my natural "off-season"? Running is one of those sports that you can do year-round, and the available races each month can attest to this, but maybe that just wasn't meant to be my thing. Maybe (I realize, years into this sport) I need to take long breaks. Focus on other things for a while, and keep myself from getting burnt out.

Or maybe I'm just trying to make myself feel better. I don't know.

In the meantime, I've still been hitting the gym. I've been lifting on and off (mostly ON! Yeah!) since November, but I still feel like a newcomer to this sport. I started lifting to support my other sport (running), and along the way, it kind of became a sport for me all on its own. So I haven't been totally inactive, though I've taken a few days off here and there from the gym too, due to life stuff.

So maybe I need to chill out about this. Maybe I need to tell myself that it's good to take some time off, purposefully, and the more pressure I put on myself about getting back to running, the harder it's going to be for me to actually get back to running. So I should just relax, and it will happen.