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The opposite of a bucket list

A quick search on Google tells me that the opposite of a bucket list is a F***-It List, a list of things you have absolutely no desire to do before you die. And while I do have certain things that meet this criteria, I ultimately feel like making a list like that, for me anyway, would come across as more negative than liberating.

Instead, I'm reminded of a blog post I read a while ago (which I can no longer find), where instead of making a list of awesome things she wants to do before she dies, the writer makes a list of awesome things she has already done, that she is proud of and happy about.

I really like this idea. I've been feeling pretty down lately about my knee and about not being able to run. It's easy for me to get stuck in this downward spiral of sadness and despair. And really, I shouldn't because in truth, I'm a really lucky woman. I've had many amazing opportunities in my life, and I've done a lot of cool things.

So this list is not meant to be bragging, humble or otherwise. I didn't make this list to rub anyone's nose in my privilege - rather, it's to remind myself to check mine, and to tell myself that no matter what happens from here on out, I've already led a very full life. (So I should shut the hell up and quit feeling sorry for myself.) I plan to revisit and reread this list anytime I need reminding of that fact.

Awesome Things I've Already Done, No Matter When I End Up Dying (in no particular order):
(There needs to be a better name for this type of list...)
  • I've been platinum blonde. Heck yeah!
  • I've run three full marathons.
  • I lettered in a varsity sport (swimming). In college. After never playing sports ever in high school.
  • I got to yell "GOOD MORNING JOHN, IT'S FRIDAY!" for a Vlogbrothers video. (You can't see me or anything, but I'm definitely in the second crowd with my friend Jeannie.)
  • I've run (or walked) 31 half marathons, thirteen of which were in one calendar year.
  • I was on a Buzzfeed list once. That was pretty cool.
  • I've played roller derby! For an actual league! I even helped my team win a championship trophy one time!
  • I've been to Rollercon, twice! And took classes from my derby hero!
  • I've completed a duathlon and a triathlon.
  • I'm super, super close to hitting 1,000 on my powerlifting total. I'm about to compete in my very first weightlifting competition.
  • I've run a lot of Disney races, including one at Disneyworld and including the Star Wars Rebel Challenge (19.3 in one weekend).
  • I've run a lot of Nike Women's Half Marathons.
  • I've run Bay to Breakers and also a Rock 'n' Roll half marathon.
  • I've also volunteered for a race and cheered others on!
  • I've had posts of mine featured by major beauty bloggers and written book reviews that evoked heartfelt thank you emails from authors, which was also really cool.
  • I've read a lot of books. A LOT OF BOOKS. 
  • I've had a baby, who is growing up to be an amazing person thanks in part to her father, who is also an amazing person, and I love them both so very much.
  • I've earned a Master's Degree.
  • I was awarded the science department medal when I graduated from high school. Even though I didn't end up pursuing science, it's still a major honor to be recognized as superlative among a graduating class full of amazing girls. 
  • I've had a long-ish, rewarding-ish career as a teacher, which has allowed me to reach hundreds of students and hopefully make a difference in at least some of their lives.
  • I've done some awesome Halloween costumes, like making a wig full of Play-doh snakes to be Medusa, or sewing my own 20s-inspired dress for a Gatsby-themed costume, or dressing up in a black and white and red Victorian garb for Erin Morgenstern's Night Circus
  • I can knit, crochet, spin (using a drop spindle), and cross-stitch. I can even sew a little bit. And I'm super handy with my makeup brushes :)
  • I used to sing and play bass guitar in a band. At some point, I've also played piano and regular guitar.
  • I'm about to move to Portland, which is something I've always wanted. 

It's been a good life so far, and it's not over yet. 
Credit: EMM, not Emma

What would you put on your list? I'd love to know! Celebrate yo self!


  1. This is a great list! You have a lot to be proud of!! I am sure even if you don't run again ever you will have a lot to add to this list.


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