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December challenge!

I am not gonna lie. This was hard.

I'm never worried about big numbers (well, maybe for my bench press), but limiting my time to 30:00 is a whole new ballgame. I am totally the one who takes looooooong rests in between sets. This one meant that I had to go in with a plan, and my plan had to include time constraints and working on much less rest than I am normally used to. (Also, I recently took a few days off from coming in for finals and yada yada, and I'm not sleeping well, and I'm having Lady Issues, so suffice it to say that I was not at 100% peak condition coming into today.)

As I said in my caption, I didn't even match my current bench press max (but I guess I was expecting that - I had such a hard time hitting it the first time!), but I PRed my squat and deadlift. They were not totally clean lifts, but I'm fairly confident that if I had attempted them under normal circumstances, they would've gone better.

That said, I still did them, and they still count, and I'm still pleased  about it :)

Happy holidays, errbody!