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Darbysmart DIY box!

I haven't blogged about crafting in AGES. Mainly, I haven't been doing much of it - I knitted a few small things for the holidays as I typically do, but otherwise, my room has basically been a WIP graveyard.

I heard about the Darbysmart Mystery DIY box from some roundup of cool subscription boxes. For about $20 a month, they send you the materials to complete a craft project! It's something different every month. I used their introductory signup code (which made it half-priced) to give it a try - my daughter really likes crafting with me, so I thought we'd check it out together.

This month's project was to make sugar scrub! Here are the materials we got, and there was a code on the card to access the instructions online:

Everything was pre-measured. We pretty much just had to dump everything in a jar, mix it all together, put them in the heart-shaped mold tray, and then let it set:

Jolie's hands :)

They gave us pink mica powder, which I tried to add in increasing amounts to make different pinks, but it didn't quite work out that well. And it was a citrus essential oil, so everything mixed together smelled like candy :)

And here they all are, in the cute little plastic jar that was also included :) Cute, simple, and fun!

Unfortunately, I'm probably not going to continue my subscription, because Jolie has her heart set on signing up for Loot Crate, and I already have so many other subscriptions (and craft projects!) going. BUT, based on this and the previous months' boxes I managed to search up online, I would definitely recommend Darbysmart's Mystery DIY box if you are crafty like ice is cold.