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Spring brings new beginnings

The Oregon sky, from my backyard
Sorry for the radio silence! I haven't been up to much lately, including hitting the gym - I've been feeling sick, so mostly I've been trying to lay low (lie low?).

I did, however, have spring break this past week, so we packed up my car and drove a bunch of things to our soon-to-be home in Oregon. We basically just wanted to chill out, get house stuff done, and acclimate to our new place before our big final move in July. We drove up on Monday, and drove home on Friday.

What can I say? It's beautiful up there. It's an entirely different mood and atmosphere from that of the Silicon Valley, and even though we spent a good portion of our week assembling endless amounts of Ikea furniture, I still felt relaxed and at peace. Granted, it was spring break, so I could do whatever I felt like, at my leisure, instead of worrying about getting up for a full day of work every day, but even when I have days off at home here in California, I always feel really antsy. I think I have a lot of hobbies and activities down here because I have a hard time settling down. I constantly feel like I need to be on the move, going somewhere or taking care of something.

This was my first trip to Portland in a while where I barely left the house (except to get food, or to haul furniture), and it was really nice. It was kinda like a stay-cation, except we did technically go on a trip, but otherwise, it was mellow and we have awesome couches for lounging around, and with the additional furniture we assembled this time, we started to get a clearer vision for our new home. And you know what? I like what I see. The pieces of the puzzle that is the rest of my life are starting to come together.

My new reading corner. Now I just need to bring my books!
I have six more weeks of school left, and roughly the same amount of time left after that before we say goodbye to California for good. It's stressful to move, and it's hard to leave loved ones and familiar places behind, but it's also exciting because it's a chance to reset and start anew.