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Race recap: See Jane Run 5k in Alameda

For some reason, I thought I had already done this blog post, and it turned out I hadn't :)

This is probably going to be my last race for a while, as I get ready to move and then get settled in at our new place. And appropriately, it was a leisurely, fun walk along the bay with my daughter.

It was SUPER cold in Alameda that morning, even though it had been in the 80s and 90s all week where we are, so I decided to break my rule about not wearing race shirts (for the race I'm doing before I actually do it), because I was freeeeeeezing. 

I definitely miss being able to run - I was all jazzed to keep running after the Pixie Dust Challenge last month, but I got so busy, and I even stopped going to the gym entirely, so I haven't been very active lately. (And I feel it, too. Ugh.) I had absolutely no plans to run, and since I had Jolie with me, there was no way I could've done much running anyhow.

It was only her 2nd 5k, and she did so much better than the first one :) She didn't cry or make me carry her this time! That's always a plus. We were laughing and cracking jokes the whole way, so it was a nice morning spent with the love of my life.


And afterwards, we got our medals, chocolate, and champagne! (Well, obviously, she didn't get champagne.)

That's it! Sorry, this isn't the most exciting race recap, but hey, my knee is fine, and it was a lovely way to kick off summer break :)

Like I said, I will probably not be doing another race for a long while. I'm putting a lot of my training-intensive hobbies (like running or competitive lifting) on hold while I deal with some really big changes.