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In for a penny, in for 400+ pounds

I have just submitted my entry for Deadlifts for Doernbecher, an unsanctioned charity deadlift competition to benefit Doernbecher Children's Hospital hosted by my new gym, Savage Strength Conditioning.

While I have been struggling lately to establish a steady gym routine, I do think that, at least, I'm doing okay on deadlifts, even if I feel like my squat strength is slow to come back. (I don't know - I could be totally wrong about my squats and just expecting too much of myself. I get in my own head a lot. I am my own worst critic.) Deadlifts have always been my best/favorite lift, and just like I did a year ago, I feel like this is the best way to ease into competing. I feel a little out of my element (because I'm new not just to the area, but to competitive powerlifting in general, relatively) so I'm a big fan of taking baby steps here. I know I've competed in a deadlift-only division before, as well as a full meet too, but I am still nerrrrrrrrrvousssssssss even just thinking about competing.

I am excited, because this is why I signed up to train with Team Savage - so that I could compete and see how far I can go in this sport. After two years at Anchored, I know enough about the basics of lifting that I could figure out some workouts on my own at any ol' commercial gym, just enough to stay in shape. But that's not what I want - I would never be happy with "just enough." I want to pursue the horizons. I have to at least TRY to see what I'm fully capable of. I was never great at derby or distance running (though I love them both and have a great passion for both), but I could be great at powerlifting, and I owe it to myself to find out just how far I can go.

So yeah. I'm in. December 17th. LET'S GO.