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100 Days: Learning to change

Okay, but how cute is my donut stamp tho? 30 days have passed of my 100 Day challenge. What have I learned so far? - My most difficult area was actually sleep. I definitely do not sleep enough. - I need to not buy Easter candy on sale. - Giving up soda was not hard, but maybe it's because I've replaced that addiction with sparkling water, because now I drink that constantly. - I am definitely not drinking 32oz of water straight-up per day, but I drink just about everything else (coffee, tea, sparkling water, protein shakes, etc.) and since I was sick for a few days, I had a lot of soup. That's gotta count for something. - I didn't meet my workout goal, but I did START working out again, which is better than not working out at all. - I tried to journal every day, for my own peace of mind, but sometimes I just wasn't into it. But I do pretty much knit or craft in some form every day, and maybe I should just consider that part of my self-care time. I like th

FO: Hawkshaw Cowl

Another finished project for your viewing pleasure! This pattern is the Hawkshaw Cowl by Kate Burge and Rachel Price of Spincycle Yarns and uses two (different) skeins of their worsted weight single-ply yarn, Independence. I've chosen to call this my Unicorns and Mermaids cowl because the two colorways I chose, Goddess Above the Clouds and The Bee's Knees , remind me of unicorns and mermaids respectively. (My skein of Goddess  literally matched my Unicorn Frappuccino yesterday!) This was my first-ever brioche knitting project, and it was EASY PEASY LEMON SQUEEZY. Thank you, Kate and Rachel, for making this experience painless! Brioche knitting creates a squishy, reversible fabric that resembles 1x1 ribbing, and when you do it with two colors, it looks AMAZING. I'd always been too intimidated to attempt it before (I don't know why, don't ask me), but I seriously can't resist Spincycle Yarns' colorways, and this looked like a quick, easy knit. (It wa