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Resolutions: Getting healthy

Usually when people talk about getting healthy as a new year's resolution, they're talking about picking up some healthy habits and (most especially) losing weight. I mean, why not? New year, new you, right? It's the ultimate time to start fresh.

I too am trying to "get healthy" this year, though my plans come from a slightly different source of motivation.

Looking back on the first half of my 30s, I can really only describe my health as "unpredictable." I mean, on the one hand, in the last five years I've had my gallbladder removed; I've injured my knee and developed osteoarthritis; I've lost a pregnancy and, as a result, a fallopian tube; and most recently, I had a surprise anaphylactic reaction that brought me to the emergency room. Not to mention all the times I've just been sick for weeks with a sore throat or a bad cold, as in, just a couple weeks ago, for New Year's. Talk about failing your resolution right out the gate :P

On the other hand, I ran a faster marathon at age 32 than I did at 29; I am within spitting distance of deadlifting 500 pounds; and I am more comfortable in my old, saggy, fatty, stretch-marked body now than I ever was when I was a spry and 30 pounds lighter in my early-20s.

I am stronger inside and out, but I don't know if I would call myself healthy. I constantly feel unwell--certain foods make my mouth and throat itchy, my eyes irritated, and my nose runny; other foods make my stomach hurt so badly that I am either curled up in fetal position or I'm running to the restroom over and over; and a sudden change in weather conditions (in any season) wreaks havoc on my sinuses and leaves my head feeling so hurty and dizzy that it's all I can do to swallow a handful of Tylenol and then sleep the afternoon away.

I am tired of feeling unwell. Hence, my new year's resolution.

While I don't fault anyone for wanting to lose weight (well, that's a discussion for another time... I have opinions about that), I really, truly would give up the possibility of never being skinny EVER if it meant that I could feel well. Like, I would give up that dream (which stopped being a dream years ago, honestly) as well as my entire lipstick collection if it meant that I could live out my days not feeling sick. If I could change anything about my body, it would not be to lose 50 pounds, but to just NOT. Be. Sick.

And while, no, I don't think my health problems are weight-related, I do think some of them are diet-related, and therefore, I'm trying to be more careful and selective about what I eat. The foods that I think are making me sick? I avoid them most of the time. (No, I still haven't been to see an allergist, and that's another thing on my list of things to do--go do ALL my various medical appointments soon.) I'm logging my meals not to count calories, but so that I have a record of what I've eaten in case I experience any symptoms. I'm trying to hydrate more, sleep more. I'm taking a multi-vitamin. I will at some point look into joint supplements and Vitamin D pills and stuff like that. All while still training and trying to make gainz.

If this is how my body is going to be, then I need to take better care of it. And that starts now.

I hope your journey to health is going well too <3