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I'm a Muscle & Mirth athlete!

Hey friends and fam!

Since I last blogged, exciting developments have taken place that I've discussed on my social media, but not officially here, so here goes: I have signed on with athlete apparel brand Muscle & Mirth as a brand ambassador!

We've been talking for the past couple of months, and I've been getting to know them as a brand (and getting to know the owners and other Team M&M athletes), and I really like what they stand for. I like the message they put forth, and the designs they create, and I feel like we mesh well. I am excited and proud to represent their brand.

One of the awesome things about being a member of Team M&M is that I get to design a shirt to be sold through their website, so I am beyonnnnnnnd thrilled to share with you all my shirt!!

As I shared on Instagram: as an athlete, a woman, an educator, a human being living in this world, it is a core value of mine to do all I can to build others up, rather than tear people down. Instead of criticizing (not to be confused with critiquing), instead of making people feel awful, instead of zeroing in on flaws and weaknesses, let's uplift. Let's empower. Let's bring out the best in each other, instead of letting out the worst in ourselves. Let's help each other get stronger, together.

So, I'm not going to get all sales-y on you constantly, but if you feel so inclined to pick up one of my shirts (or any of the awesome shirts M&M makes), please head over to their website and be sure to use my code "acciobeastmode" to let them know I sent you :)

My shirts are available in ladies sizing in dark gray (above) or in unisex sizing in red:

Thanks for reading, and thank you to Muscle & Mirth for taking me on!