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Help me explore PDX!

Despite having lived here over a year and a half, I haven't spent much time exploring the PDX area. I know I've been visiting here on and off for years, and I know I went to COLLEGE here, but things change, and places go away, and new places spring up in their place, so even areas I used to visit aren't quite the same anymore anyway.

So, I am making it a goal of mine to spend more time getting to know this beautiful, amazing area I live in, and I wouldn't mind your help!

Because I'm a planner/journalling junkie, and I have most recently been working out of a (gorgeous!) Chic Sparrow traveler's notebook system, I've decided to start a notebook insert specifically for the purpose of cataloguing the various places I've been to in the Portland area (plus, keeping a list of places I want to visit).

This is sort of like my own personal Yelp notebook. I want to make note of stuff like available parking or general notes about directions to get there (like, do I HAVE to take four different freeways?) and if it's a food place, what's good on the menu? Do I get free stuff for my birthday (*cough* Pip's Donuts *cough*)? Are there other cool things nearby? Do they host events? And just other general cool stuff like that. Stores. Restaurants. Neighborhoods. Book stores. Craft stores.

I don't want info I can look up on Yelp, I want info from people in the know.

So yeah. Got any suggestions? Especially uniquely-Portland places (or the surrounding area) and or places that pertain to my interests. (Example: Collage!)

PS-- Yes, I'm well aware of Powell's. I also visit Salt & Straw and Blue Star Donuts whenever I'm near one. I've been to Pip's once and Pine State Biscuits once.