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"Figure out who you are, and do it on purpose": a recap of Deadlifts for Doernbecher 2018 and looking ahead

I have to admit, I've been lost lately.

It's been an ugly combination of poor physical health exacerbated by stress, which leads to poor mental health, which then exacerbates the stress.  It's a terrible cycle. I have to say, I have cried in front of people a little too often lately. Like, AT WORK, even. This is my twelfth year of teaching, and I have cried at work more times in the last month than I have in all the years before. I feel like I've been sick for going-on-two months now.

It's not just teaching though--I'm stressed out by many different aspects of my life right now, and even the things that are supposed to be enjoyable are also now adding to that.

Case in point: Deadlifts for Doernbecher this year. The amount of times I've worked out in the last few months could probably be counted on one hand. This hobby of mine that I happen to be good at has started to become a huge monkey on my back, because every day that ticks by that I have to skip a wo…