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So how's it going?

Here's a mish-mash of thoughts and updates: 20 weeks along! 1) I am currently 23 weeks a long, and the punches and kicks keep coming-- and I don't just mean the ones from my baby: At 16 weeks, I started taking weekly progesterone injections, because Jolie came 7 weeks early, and we definitely want to AT LEAST make it through the school year without going into labor thankyouverymuch About a month ago, I got diagnosed (again) with gestational diabetes. (More needles, yay.) So, goodbye giant bowls of pho and bubble tea. (I know, I could still have SOME, but if it's not a GIANT bowl of pho, are you even living?) About a week ago, my body decided that regulation by diet wasn't enough, so now I have to take daily insulin injections. (It's very good that I'm not afraid of needles.) I'm also deep in the throes of MAJOR BODILY ITCHING. Like, pregnancy normally involves some itching, but this is some unbearable suffering happening here. (Yes, I've cont