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Fresh-faced makeup at home, even when you don't really feel your best

Now for something frivolous and fun, here's something I haven't done in a long while: a makeup tutorial! Oddly enough, since being in quarantine, I've gotten really into doing my makeup every day. It's not that I wasn't wearing makeup before everything closed down (I still wore it to work), but I was pretty minimalist and hurried about it. Working from home, I have a little bit more time to just sit down at my makeup table and take time for myself--it's more an act of self-care than an act of beautification for anyone else, if that makes sense. And it's not about looking glam and flawless, but just about looking a little more awake, refreshed, and alive. I've often felt like, on the days that I feel the worst (physically or emotionally), when I LEAST feel like putting on makeup, those are the days when makeup can help me the most, in terms of a pick-me-up. And I definitely haven't been feeling great lately, so I am grateful for this little ritual to

Sitting with uncertainty

Thank you, Marissa, for this sticker! I'm a planner. I have a ton of washi tape and planner supplies and notebooks for bullet journaling. And even before I started doing all that, I used to make meticulous spreadsheets of training plans for races a year or two  in advance. I LOVE making plans. I LOVE creating a path for myself, and even if I didn't stick to it, at least I had something to start with. I like having some idea of what's coming next. Which is what makes this current situation/time so hard. I'm sitting with an awful lot of uncertainty. First and foremost, this baby. Yeah, conventional wisdom tells me to expect him to arrive right around the due date, but past experience tells me that this baby could happen anytime between now and just past my due date. (Let's be real though, I don't expect him to even go the full 40, let alone be late.) I've been in the hospital twice in as many weeks getting monitored in a Labor and Delivery triage room, so yeah