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The birth of our son Benny, and an ode to pregnancy

I was going to write a long, exhaustive recap of the birth of our new son. I was going to go in-depth into the year that is 2020, and how different things are now compared to 2009, when Jolie was born, and how each child's birth was just about as different as can be from each other, though, if you've known me a while, I think you already know the basic facts: Jolie was a surprise at 33 weeks, and Benny was induced just this past Monday at 39 weeks. We had Jolie at 26, and it was the beginning of Obama's first term, and it was this general time of hope, whereas now? Well, 2020 has definitely been a year for the history books. Anyway, I was going to write about all of that (I even have a Google Doc draft going), but in truth? I'm kind of exhausted. I will go ahead and paste my short Facebook version of Benny's actual birth day at the end of this post, but right now, I want to talk about something else: pregnancy. It's no secret that I don't enjoy being pregnan