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Makeup Monday: Oh, how times have changed!

So, I used to beauty-blog a lot more actively, and as such, when you need to stay current on what's new and on offer, your makeup stash tends to grow to epic proportions. I was going through some of my old posts on my beauty-blog-no-longer (which I recently renamed because Google Domains wasn't letting me access the blog with the old URL any longer), and I came across this post where I give you a tour of my makeup station and stash. Go look at that post, I'll wait. It's pretty wild to think that this is what my entire makeup collection consists of now: Same table. Gone is the 9-drawer Alex chest. (Well, it's not GONE, but I have repurposed it for art supplies.) The actual table drawers hold makeup bags, all the brushes/tools I don't use, hair ties, skincare stuff I don't reach for often (like face masks), and makeup samples I've received with orders. Maybe an extra mascara or whatever that I haven't started using yet. YUP, my entire active makeup co

Makeup Monday: The makeup products I loved in 2020

You would think that being stuck at home all day, every day, would mean that makeup would be rendered irrelevant, but actually, this was the year that I got back into makeup in a BIG way. The fact that I wasn't going anywhere or seeing anyone was actually a plus--what better time to experiment with products than the safety of isolation? :) I don't know about you, but being able to test and practice makeup feels a whole lot less stressful when you know no one's going to see it. I wasn't in full beat every day or anything (in fact, I'm not wearing any makeup right now as I type this, because *shrug*), but there were a few products that rose to the surface in terms of being great everyday products. In general, I found myself being drawn to the Clean Beauty aesthetic (and I think the whole of the beauty industry kind of shifted that way too): a light foundation layer, cream blush, one-and-done eyeshadow looks. Don't get me wrong, not everyone has given up on full-co

Makeup Monday: Skincare I've been loving in 2020

I hereby dub Mondays Makeup Mondays ! I will be posting about makeup (yes), skincare, and beauty stuff in general on Mondays: reviews, tutorials, swatches, etc.  Today is short and to the point: here is the first post in a series of beauty products I loved this past year. I started getting back into makeup in a big way, but I definitely saw my aesthetic shifting to something more low maintenance and fuss-free. Also, I started getting more into clean beauty, which opened up a whole new world of products and brands that I've been really excited to try. I've spent a lot of time trying to figure out what my Holy Grail products are, and I think I'm getting pretty close! Here are some of the things I can't live without. (Note: none of these are affiliate links or sponsored or anything like that. Ain't nobody giving me money, y'all.) My skincare routine changed a lot this year, due mainly to being pregnant and then having the baby (and all the changes that entails, in