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Makeup Monday: 21 Questions

This week's topic comes from YouTuber Allie Glines: she recently posted a video called 21 Questions about her makeup collection and tastes, and I thought this would be fun:

1. What is the oldest makeup product in your collection?

At this point, I've decluttered most of old makeup. The oldest things I'm still keeping around are some Urban Decay eyeshadows that I bought in the mid-2000s (that I depotted). Remember their old matte eyeshadow singles? I have all of them. Their Deluxe Eyeshadow Palette? It's there too. They're not moldy or bad or anything, but I don't use them anymore either. I kinda just keep them for nostalgia.

2. What is your most recent makeup purchase?

Uh, I literally last night just repurchased the Fenty Matchstix Trio because I wish I hadn't decluttered them, and they're on sale now. But the most recent thing I've purchased that I actually have in my possession is the new Fenty powder foundation (shown below) and an Ilia Multi-Stick (in At Last)

3. What is the first makeup product you ever used?

Ever EVER? I remember having Hello Kitty lipglosses as a kid! But as far as actual makeup... my mom used to give me the color cosmetics from her Lancome/Estee Lauder GWPs, so I would play around with the little eyeshadow duos and lipsticks :)

4. What is a makeup trend that you used to love but now you hate?

I wouldn't say hate, but I am no longer interested in doing eyeshadow looks using, like, a billion different colors. I've developed a great appreciation for a good one-and-done eye product.

5. What is a makeup trend that you used to hate but now you love?

I admit I was not a big fan of glopping on highlighter for the longest time, to the point of feeling like highlighter was extremely overrated, but now I love highlighter. I still don't pile it on, and I don't own tons of it, but I like wearing it, and it works in a pinch as an eyeshadow.

6. What is your favorite step in your makeup routine? 

Mascara, because I usually do that last, and it makes everything come together. 

7. What is a makeup product you can’t live without? 

Lately, my must-have is blush, especially cream blush. Blush wakes up your face so well, and even if I wear no other makeup, I will go for blush.

8. What sparked your love for makeup?

I have what artist Jane Davenport calls "rainbow-itis." I love colors! And as a young girl, I definitely got the message that being beautiful was an advantage.

9. What is the worst makeup look you’ve ever done? 

It's not that it was terrible, but wearing black eyeliner all around my eyes is NOT the business.

This was a Halloween costume from a few years ago, but yeah, I tried to make this work SO many times when I was a teenage girl, and I think it just isn't for me.

10. What is your favorite makeup look you’ve ever done? 

The one that comes to mind is the makeup look I did for my best friend's wedding. It's probably my favorite not just because of the makeup itself, but also, we were fancy! And it was a happy day! And I still had galaxy hair!

11. What is your favorite drugstore makeup product?

I talked about this in my last post, but I totally love Pixi Beauty's Endless Shade Stick in Matte Cocoa. It's a really good multi-tasker eyeshadow stick, and the shade works really well for blending into my crease or as a soft eyeliner.

12. What is your favorite splurge makeup product?

I've also talked about this before: Fitglow Beauty's Night Lip Serum. I have purchased a few of the Lip Serums in different colors, and yet, I still go back to the Night (clear) one more than anything.

13. What is your most repurchased makeup product? 

If you've known me a long, long time and have followed all my beauty posts, this should not be a surprise: Urban Decay's Eyeshadow Primer Potion. I've used it for well over a decade at this point, and it's popular for a reason, though there have been many eyeshadow primers that have stepped it up since UD's first came out.

14. What is your earliest makeup memory? 

I remember once my mom got this special edition Princess Marcella Borghese box with a wholllle assortment of beautiful products carefully packaged inside. It was a red wooden box, and I just remember sneaking into her bathroom to take everything out of the box, stare at all the products, and then put everything carefully away.

15. What is your favorite place to shop for makeup?

Lately, it's been Target! Especially since recently (as in, within the last month), they've added a ton more brands. But Sephora has definitely been a favorite since I was in high school. 

16. What is the most underrated makeup product you own? 

I think that Aether Beauty is highly-rated by anyone who is familiar with them, but I would call them underrated because they're just not very well-known among the beauty community at large. Their Cheek Palette in Amber has got to be, like, one of best cheek things I own, and the highlighter especially is one of my favorites. 

17. What is the most overrated makeup product you own? 

Looking at my current makeup collection, I kinda feel like, if I haven't gotten rid of it at this point, it's because I like it, and therefore, in my mind it's not overrated. But even so, I do have a few things that I didn't feel lived up to the hype. I would count Ilia's Balmy Tinted Lip Oils in that category--I liked them, but so many YouTubers I watched totally loved them, and I just did not love them as much as they did. I think I talked about them in my last post, but basically, they just weren't for me.

18. What is a discontinued makeup product you wish would come back? 

I would trade in allllll the Naked palettes that have come out since, to get back the original Naked palette. Urban Decay, stop making palettes and calling them Naked. That horse has been beat to smithereens.

Also, while their Primer Potion isn't discontinued, I wish they would bring back the squeeze tube WITHOUT the wand. It was a thinner nozzle, and it gave me the perfect amount of control.

19. Where do you go for makeup inspiration? 

When it comes to specific products, I like to check the brands' social media feeds, actually. I want to see how the products are intended to be used. 

20. What do you hope to see LESS OF in makeup’s future?

I would love to see brands stop using the word "nude" to label shades that really only count as nude for a specific subset of our population. NUDE IS RELATIVE.

Also, I wouldn't mind seeing less of certain well-known drama-magnet influencers. 

21. What do you hope to see MORE OF in makeup’s future?

Diversity--race (and skin tones among different races), gender, skin texture, body size (you would THINK that an industry that doesn't need to consider clothing size to model their products would be more revolutionary about body diversity), etc.